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Yaramuke was known as City of Black Waters

Yaramuke, the City of Black Waters

Yaramuke is a ruined city on the Road of Kings. Sorcerer-queen Sielba, Lady of the Two Drakes, once dared to vie with Hamanu for supremecy in the north. The Lion of Urik responded by leveling her city to the ground.


167th King's Age (-1,771)[]

  • Ral's Agitation: In an attempt to increase her power, Sielba, Queen of Yaramuke attacks Urik. Hamanu easily defeats her army and personally slays the Sorcerer-Queen. On the heels of victory, Urik's army sacks Yaramuke and burns the city to the ground. To appease the Dragon's wrath for killing a Sorcerer-Queen, Hamanu presents Borys with a levy of Yaramuke's riches-which pleases the beast and spares Urik.