Wyrmias was a defiler who had taken over the minds of the villagers in the small village of Gedron . A statue stood in the center of the village, though it was broken. Wyrmias revealed to a group of adventurers that he needed to repair the statue for some purpose of his own. When the pieces of the statue were returned to him by the adventurers, he released control of the village and allowed the adventurers to kill him.

Only he was not dead!

His normal body having been destroyed, Wyrmias's spirit traveled into the statue, animating it under his control. He would begin to leave to conquer Athas, but would be destroyed in the ensuing fight.


All he was evil the core, Wyrmias was honorable and kept his promise to the adventurers about releasing the villagers when the pieces of the statue were returned to him.

Tools and EquipmentEdit


Being a Defiler, Wyrmias had the powers of a wizard. He also had the ability to take over the minds of the village of Gedron. His control over the people was so great that if he died, they would too.

When in the statue, Wyrmias was physically more powerful and still retained his magic powers.


Dark Sun: Shattered Lands (Computer game)

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