Unlike in other worlds Psionics is a way of life in Athas. Many have what are known as Wild Talents, minor psionic abilities. Those who have taught themselves in the way of mastering Psionics are commonly refered to as Wilders.

General Description[edit | edit source]

In many cases Wilders are no different from any School of the Mind. Many take to becoming hermits in order to master their abilities. Some choose to train in the streets. These Wilders embrace the base nature of Psionics and wield it as an unbridled power. Many would call them inelegant in their execution, but even those who have spent years mastering the Way are suprised by the power these Wilders wield.

Resurgent Wilder[edit | edit source]

Many wilders stand on the precipise of life and death. Some that train in the desert are so shaped by it that they are literally nothing, years of training showing negative consequences. But appearances can be decieving as these individuals are sometimes known as psionic masters.

Wielder of the Way[edit | edit source]

Those that master the Way on their own find multitudes of different abilities and powers are open to them. Wielders of the Way are supposedly masters of controlling their emotions. So much so they are able to bind their own emotions and psyche to weapons. While it is possible to reclaim such emotions, few do so if it is an emotion that they regard as weak.

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