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The Way or The Way of Unseen is a discipline of psionic study. It is a catch all term for those who study Psionics. Those who are psionic masters are said to be strong in the Way. It is a common phrase on Athas that you have to have the Will to master the Way.


It is unknown who was the originator of the Way, but it is known that one of the most powerful practitioners was Rajaat. Many Sorcerer-Kings are also trained in the Way, some even sponsor Schools of the Way in order to train their population. Though it can be said this is a clever way of recruiting for their army.

Many Nobles train in the Way in order to protect against domination from other practitioners or to dominate others themselves. As such, many nobles trained in the Way are paranoid and powerful. Artifacts and wards to protect against domination are highly sought after.

The Order[]

A secret organization, The Order tasked with preserving the natural order of psionics.