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The Rise and Fall of a Dragon King
Author(s) Lynn Abbey
Publisher TSR, Inc.
Released April 1996
Type Novel
Binding Mass Market Paperback
ISBN-13 ISBN 0-7869-0476-3
Series Chronicles of Athas
Preceded by Cinnabar Shadows
Followed by none
"I, Hamanu..."... Hamanu the Innocent- his parents killed by an invading party of trolls. Hamanu the Survivor- enlists as a soldier, forging himself into the same heartless mercenary that killed his parents. Hamanu the Victorious- powerful warrior-king, and scourge of the Tablelands. Hamanu the lion of Urik, King of the World...and Dragon King? He is the greatest threat to the city of Urik, and its only hope as well. Forces are conspiring to bring about a dreaded metamorphosis, and he is their only possible salvation. This is Hamanu's story...in his own words.



The tale told through the lions eyes speaks of Manu of Deche, his youth and first love, his village and its fall to the trolls. His hatred leads to meeting and joining a party of troll hunters and his eventual meeting of the original 4th champion of Rajaat, Myrom Trollscorcher. After a horribly fatal attack, Manu is approached by Rajaat and offered a chance at revenge on Trollscorcher and a place as one his champions. Rajaat's Final Champion. Manu agrees. He easily defeats Myrom, absorbs his essence, takes his title as well as his curse. Hamanu Trollscorcher is born. Rajaat brings Hamanu to a feast where the other 12 champions are waiting. Hamanu distrusts his fellow champions except Borys, the Butcher of dwarves.


Manu, also known as Hamanu. The lion of Urik.

Myrom Trollscorcher

Rajaat, a twistedly insane ancient sorcerer who has mastered both the psionic and defiled arts. Created his Champions to cleanse the world of Athas of impure races.

Borys, the Butcher of dwarves. A fellow champion of Rajaat and an ally to Hamanu, after speaking with the Lion of Urik rallies his fellow champion kin to rise against their creator. Later becomes The Dragon to keep Rajaat trapped in the Hollow.