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The Obsidian Man

The Obsidian Man

Taller than a half-giant, this is a perfectly carved obsidian statue of a man. Its limbs and features show no signs of chiseling and it bears a nobleman's kilt and baldric.


In the year of Wind's Reverence, obsidian miners in the Smoking Crown found a huge statue of a man entombed in a vein of solid black glass. The miners chiseled away the surrounding stone, and on orders of the templar leader, the Obsidian Man was laid in a sledge and prepared for transport to Urik.

Every morning, people were found gruesomely crushed to death, but never anything besides the statue was found near the bodies. The caravan finally reached Urik, but not before dozens of people were killed.

The Obsidian Man was then brought before Hamanu, who examined the figure with intense interest and was angered by his inability to learn anything about it. Soon, he set twenty of his half-giants bodyguards to watch it and retired to his library to research the matter.

His research was interrupted by sounds of battle. Rushing to the scene, he found half of his guards dead and the rest barely clinging to life. The Obsidian Man was gone, leaving a trail of rubble through the fortress as it smashed its way out. Hamanu caught up with it in the main square of the city.

There, he labored with all his available resources in order to find a way to command the creature. At last, bloodied and battered, Hamanu defeated the Obsidian Man and bound it to his service with a golden circlet around its brow. After that, he used its massive strength for many years until a young templar removed the Golden Circlet from the Obsidian Man's brow in FY -1. After killing the templar, the golem walked out into the desert and vanished.

In FY 1, the Golden Circlet was stolen from Hamanu's palace. The thief was never caught and the Circlet was not found, despite Hamanu’s towering rage.


By day, the Obsidian Man is completely motionless. By night, the statue animates, killing everything in its path, unless controlled by the Golden Circlet (see below). Even then, it demands blood. The Obsidian Man radiates an aura of overwhelming necromancy.

The Golden Circlet[]

This small golden circular ornament is useless to those unable to manifest powers. When held by a manifester, it allows the control of the Obsidian Man.


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