The Darkness Before the Dawn
Author(s) Ryan Hughes
Publisher TSR, Inc.
Released February 1995
Type Novel
Binding Mass Market Paperback
ISBN-13 ISBN 0-7869-0104-7
Series Chronicles of Athas
Preceded by The Brazen Gambit
Followed by The Broken Blade
Psionic Seduction... Jedra lives in the streets, Kayan in the temple. When misfortune throws them together, they discover psionic power greater than almost any other on Athas, a power potent enough to destroy whole cities. When the force proves too strong for them to control, they search for a mentor to help them harness their wild talent and use it for the good of their ravaged world. the harsh environment conspires against them at every step, but so do their divergent backgrounds. Can a bond forged by necessity survive the cruelty of Athasian society, the savagery of the gladiatorial arena, or the simple test of time?





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