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The Broken Blade
Author(s) Simon Hawke
Publisher TSR, Inc.
Released May 1995
Type Novel
Binding Mass Market Paperback
ISBN-13 ISBN 0-7869-0137-3
Series Chronicles of Athas
Preceded by The Darkness Before the Dawn
Followed by Cinnabar Shadows
Sorak the Nomad... Sorak had known that discovering his past would come at a price, but he had not guessed the pice would be so dear. He learned of his parents, of his slaughtered tribe, of the destiny he bears, but this knowledge came at the cost of the voices that had guided him across the burning sands. For the first time in his memory, he feels alone. And still more will be lost... bearing Galdra, the fabled blade of elven kings, and accompanied by his love Ryana, Sorak sets out on a quest assigned him by the Sage. He seeks the Veiled Alliance in Altaruk, hoping to marshal its forces against a growing circle of defilers. But the legend of the Nomad has preceded him, and the defilers plan an end to the legend, and the Nomad.