This template is for use in any article about a book relating to the Dark Sun. Some parameters are optional and can be left blank. If undefined, these optionals will not appear. The recommended image size is a width of 250px so that it will completely fill the infobox without increasing its size.

This template was copied from the Forgotten Realms Wiki and is loosely based on the book template at Wikipedia.


| image       =
| caption     = 
| code        =
| title       = 
| author      =  
| publisher   =  
| released    =
| reprinted   =
| type        = 
| binding     = 
| pages       = 
| realm year  =
| isbn10      = 
| isbn13      = 
| series      =
| preceded_by = 
| followed_by = 
| source      = 

Please note that this template uses the newer ISBN-10 and ISBN-13 formats. If you do not want to use both of these, you can simply use an ISBN-10 number, or the old isbn parameter will still work.

Additional Options

Two additional optional parameters exist to enable changing of the background and foreground colours in the name part of the infobox, the default is white text on a black background.

| fgcolor = #FFF
| bgcolor = #000


image (optional) 
An image of the product's cover. The recommended size is 250px.
caption (optional) 
A sentence to describe the image.
code (optional) 
The identifying product code used by Wizards of the Coast or TSR, Inc, such as "954627400" or "TSR02159".
Where necessary add multiple authors.
This will usually be "Wizards of the Coast" or "TSR, Inc."
Could be simply a year ("1998") or a month and year ("June, 1998").
reprinted (optional) 
A list of one or more dates when the book was reprinted.
The product type according to how the Wizards of the Coast list their game products (an example can be seen on their product site). Types are:
  • Accessory
  • Adventure
  • Anthology
  • Novel
binding (optional) 
Usually one of the four options below, but other binding types are possible.
  • Paperback
  • Mass Market Paperback – the binding for standard-sized novels
  • Hardback
  • Boxed set
pages (optional) 
The number of pages in the book.
realm year (optional) 
If the year (or years) in which this book is set (or end at) is known enter the years(s) here.
isbn10 (optional) 
The ISBN-10 number of the book.
isbn13 (optional) 
The ISBN-13 number of the book.
series (optional) 
If this book is part of a series, the name of the series.
preceded_by and followed_by (optional) 
Add wiki links to the books that immediately precede and follow the entry. If the entry is the first or last book in a series, use none for the proceeding or following product.
source (optional) 
The location(s) of the information about this book. This will usually be Amazon.com but could be anywhere that lists information about the book. To find the Amazon.com product listing URL, take the ISBN-10 number, remove all the dashes so only 10 numbers remain, and add it to the end of http://www.amazon.com/dp/. For example, ISBN 0-7869-2881-6 would be found at http://www.amazon.com/dp/0786928816.

Example for one edition

If there is only one edition of the book, the full template can be used. Here is an example from Unapproachable East (sourcebook):

| image     = [[Image:Unapproachable_East.jpg|250px|Unapproachable East]]
| caption   = 
| code      = 176650000
| title     = Unapproachable East
| author    = [[Richard Baker]], [[Matt Forbeck]], and [[Sean K. Reynolds]]
| publisher = [[Wizards of the Coast]]
| released  = May 2003
| type      = Accessory
| binding   = Hardcover
| pages     = 160
| isbn10    = 0-7869-2881-6
| isbn13    = 978-0786928811
| source    = [http://www.amazon.com/dp/0786928816 Amazon.com product listing]

In this example, the caption is left blank and both ISBNs are given. The source is provided as Amazon.com.

Example for more than one edition

Particularly with novels, there is sometimes more than one edition. In this case, rather than try to list all the different editions' page numbers, codes, bindings and other information in the template, leave this information out, and use the {{Editions}} template to create an editions table where this information can be placed.

| image       = [[Image:Passage to Dawn2.jpg|250px|Passage to Dawn reissue]]
| caption     = The cover of the 2008 paperback edition of the book with illustration by [[Todd Lockwood]]
| title       = Passage to Dawn
| author      = [[R.A. Salvatore]]
| publisher   = [[TSR, Inc.]] and [[Wizards of the Coast]]
| released    = August 1996
| type        = Novel
| preceded_by = ''[[Siege of Darkness]]''
| followed_by = [[Paths of Darkness]] series

The template is much shorter, relying on the {{Editions}} template to provide edition-specific information, but it does still include the date the book was first released, for quick reference.

Book Template Documentation

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