The tembo is a despicable, furless, tawny-colored beast covered with loose folds of scaly hide. Varying between three and six feet in length, they usually stand about as high as a man’s thigh. All four of their lithe feet end in long sharp claws, and huge canine fangs protrude from beneath the flappy lips of their squarish snouts. The tembo has huge, squarish ears which it can turn in any direction, independently of each other

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Though intelligent and capable of speech, it shows no remorse, and its chilling laughter echoes through the soul.


Caprice rules a tembo. In one village, the dark beast might infiltrate a settlement, letting its deadly aura thin the population as it blends into the shadows. In another, the same tembo might spring at a passerby in a flurry of claws and fangs. It is fierce and quick and nearly impossible to catch. Townsfolk swear the creature fades away as soon as fighters attack.

Though all tembo love to fight, their battle tactics are as unpredictable as these vicious beasts themselves. Some attack by stealth from a short distance away, sneaking as close as possible to their victims and trying to destroy them with a death field. Others prefer to play with their victims, batting them from one paw to another, using life draining each time the paw lands. Still other tembos like to leap into the fray immediately, meleeing their victims from the first round.


Tembo prowl the desert in small packs that seem to have no real social organization or cohesiveness. Each tembo does more or less as it pleases, not sharing any prey it downs with the others. The tembo’s one concession to social life is that if one of them is attacked, the entire pack will join to fight the enemy.


Tembos are from the Cleansing Wars. The Champions created them to find those loved by their masters' enemies. Tembos survived after the war and are universally hated across the Tyr Region.

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Tembos from 2nd Edition were normal creatures that were part of Athas's natural ecology. When brought to 4th edition the origin of the Tembos changed to that of being originally created by the Champions of Rajaat.

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