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Many of the Sorcerer-Kings claim divinity, but none are as dogmatic about as Tectuktitlay. The citizens of Draj worship him, not because they believe he is a god, but because they know the consequences if they don't.

He called himself 'The Mighty and Omnipotent Tectuktitlay, Father of Life and Master of the Two Moons'. As you might guess from his appellation, Tectuktitlay claims to be a god.


According to the tales told by the moon priests, the moons Ral and Guthay pitied the world and gave to it their son, a god in mortal flesh named Tectuktitlay.  The god led his chosen people out of suffering and to a new home.  With a word, he repaired the lands, turning sand to soil and bringing forth lush growth.  With a wave of his hand, he raised a city to give shelter to his followers.  His work complete, Tectuktitlay made ready to depart, but the mortals beseeched him to stay and protect them from jealous enemies who would claim his gifts for themselves.  The Father of Life consented, and the people built for him a palace in which he would dwell forever.

Whether citizens believe the story hardly matters.  Self-preservation compels them to, at the least, go through the motions of worshiping Tectuktitlay.

In actuality, Tectuktitlay was the ninth Champion of Rajaat, and succeed in his mission to exterminate the wemics of Athas.


Not only is the crude and cruel Tectuktitlay not a god, he is one of weakest of Athas's sorcerer-kings.  Perhaps it is that knowledge that fuels his fervor and drives his ambitions for Draj, a respected warrior state.  He is petty, spiteful, and ravenous for power.  Never content with his holdings, he constantly looks to the west, probing his rivals' lands and defenses for weakness so he can send forth his legions and expand his empire.

His visage adorns walls and buildings, his symbol ripples on banners, and his templars (known as moon priests) are everywhere, enforcing laws and instructing the people in his perfect divinity.  No one would suggest it, but in fact, the sorcerer-king's features have little majesty.  Tectuktitlay has narrow eyes, a wide nose, heavy jowls, and round, pouty lips.

Tectuktitlay's influence is so insidious, that most Draji dare not question his divinity, doubt the deeds attributed to him, or disobey the commands given by his moon priests.  All citizens know that dissent invites the sorcerer-king's ire, and his anger can be quelled only by blood sacrifice.

The Father of Life is more accustomed to murder than actual combat, and he's adept at ripping hearts from unarmed victims.  The arrogant Tectuktitlay rarely acknowledges personal danger and acts nonplussed as his servants deliver savage beatings to any threats.  If his fighters seemed to be outmanned, Tectuktitlay blasts enemies with bolts from the heavens.

Andropinis gives the nickname Tec to Tectuktitlay, because his name is very long to non-draji tongues.

Tools and Equipment[]

  • Black Shield



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