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Through the clear, dry air, the midnight sky was a black as the [[Borys|Dragon]]'s heart. The parched Tablelands were lit by the pinpoint brillance of a thousand unchanging stars. The brutal heat of day yielded to the bone-numbling cold of night, as it had every other day in both living memory and enduring legend. Days, years, and mortal lives churned relentlessly from birth to death. The cycles were endless and invariable.
Nine city-states cling to life in the Tablelands. Until recently, they were ruled by powerful [[Sorcerer-Kings]], both tyrants and protectors. Now, only five remain; the other state-cities are cast into chaos and violent strife. Soon, the desert may swallow them, as it has so many times before. The wastes are riddled with the ruins of cities long dead.
== Sources ==
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* [http://athas.org/ Athas.org].

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