Ssurran are commonly known as Lizardfolk in other settings [[1]][[2]]. Though their swamplands have long since dried up. Most have been displaced by defilers and as such target magic users regardless of affiliation on sight.

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6 to 7 feet tall. Talon toed, with scales. Experts in traversing dangerous terrain.

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160th King´s Age (-2310): Keltis, Lizard Man Executioner, arrives at Saragar despite the powers of the Mind Lords. The Mind Lord's cleverness hides the entire population of lizard men from the Champion, and he soon leaves the Last Sea.

162nd King´s Age (-2156): Keltis (later known as Oronis), 10th Champion of Rajaat believes he exterminated the last of the lizard men. In reality several tribes survive, protected by the Mind Lords.

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The Wastewalker[edit | edit source]

After the fall of Kalak , Ssuran raiders started to appear more frequently on the road between Altaruk and Tyr. Rumors spoke of a Ssuran known as the Wastewalker who was able to summon storms of Obsidian shards upon unsuspecting caravans. 

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See D&D Encounters: Dark Sun

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