Silt Runners are tribal raiders that like to eat Elves.


These small lizard-like men are common on Athas. They usually live the life of raiders, although occasionally a lair will be found. Silt runners move very quickly and have broad, flat feet. They can even run across silt for short stretches.

Silt runners are small, green, scaled, and ugly. They have protruding snouts filled with sharp teeth. Silt runners wear little or no clothing. What they do wear is usually more of a trophy than any covering for the sake of modesty or protection.


They hate elves with a passion; an entire raiding party of silt runners may turn aside from a caravan to attack a lone elf.


Silt runners use two basic tactics in combat. The first is to ambush someone if possible; the second is to overrun an opponent using wave tactics. Silt runners never attack, however, unless they outnumber the foe by at least three to one.


Silt runners are tribal in nature, living in lairs of up to 200 individuals. These tribes are usually based on islands near the shores of the Sea of Silt or in a remote desert oasis. Silt runners consider elf a delicacy, and in melee they always attack any elves present first. Their natural speed usually makes this easy.

Silt runners often inhabit the same types of islands that giants do. Giants are usually left alone by silt runners (who know when they are overmatched). The giants tend to view these creatures as pests or vermin, overrunning their homes. Unfortunately, they are just too fast to swat properly.





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