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The item is a mighty two-handed broadsword almost 7 feet in length. Its blade is long and straight, and made from an unidentifiable alloy of red metal harder than enchanted steel. The blade is diamond-shaped in cross-section and is unusually wide—nearly 7 inches at the hilt.


The Silencer’s only decoration appears on its crossguard: a red, glowing rune of ancient design whose meaning is now lost. The hilt is made of black, watered steel and is wrapped with braxat hide. The pommel is crafted in the shape of a serpent's skull. 


In the ancient wars that ravaged Athas, the city of Bodach was a great neutral power. Its armies and magicians jealously guarded the lands of the city-state while the rulers refused all offers of alliance with the warring defilers and preservers. Eventually, the great defiler warlords decided to eliminate Bodach, and a great host gathered to destroy the city.  

The leader of this host was a human defiler and warlord named Irikos, "the left hand of Rajaat." Irikos' ancient duty was to eliminate the orcs in Rajaat's name, and when the Cleansing Wars began he turned to the conquest of all who did not stand with Rajaat's captains. Irikos possessed a powerful weapon named the Silencer. Using the weapon, he and his host systematically destroyed the armies of Bodach and sacked the city. Still, the last and most powerful sorcerers of Bodach managed to cast a mighty spell of destruction against the defiler warlord, which blasted Irikos to ashes even as his hordes threw down Bodach with fire and sword. Only the Silencer survived.

About three Kings' Ages ago, a wandering adventurer named Rimmon discovered the ancient weapon in the heart of Bodach's ruins. With it, she led a band of heartless raiders and rose to great power. However, Rimmon dared too much. In her arrogance, she gathered a horde to attack Balic, but only succeeded in angering Andropinis himself. The sorcerer-king and his soldiers slaughtered Rimmon's desert rabble, although it is recorded that the bandit queen slew a hundred half-giants with the Silencer before she was killed herself. The sword was reportedly carried away from the defeat by one of Rimmon's lieutenants, a wily elf who escaped into the wilderness.

Over the years, the Silencer has appeared in the hands of a succession of slave tribes, raiders, and savages. Twelve years ago, it was recovered by a patrol of Tyrian soldiers from the lair of a fierce bandit and brought back to Kalak's armory. But with Kalak's death, the sword has disappeared again. It is thought that one of Kalak's templars took the blade and fled into the desert. 


The Silencer grants certain magical spells to manifesters, and ignores all non-metal armor. The sword also curses the owner with delusions of grandeur, and makes the owner think themselves invulnerable.


Legends of Athas, companion book to Dark Sun 3.