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Sadira of Tyr, called the Sun Wizard, was a winsome Half-Elf sorceress who partially worked for the Veiled Alliance. She was instrumental in the fall of Kalak, Sorcerer-King of Tyr.


The Half-Elf female began in Tithian's slave pens, keeping her true nature secret. She is a member of the Veiled Alliance and a Preserver with a thirst of power. She sought to see all of Tyr free. She brought Rikus into the Alliance's plot to assassinate Kalak. Later, she gained magical power at the Pristine Tower, that ancient relic of the Blue Age’s Nature Masters, Sadira became a “Sun Wizard” thanks to circumstances and a twist of fate that can’t be repeated —there can be no other Sun Wizards on Athas. She killed the Sorcerer-Queen of Raam, was a member of the group who destroyed the Dragon of Tyr, and helped to banish the returned Rajaat, sending him again to the Hollow.

Sadira of Tyr needs to be mentioned due to the unusual conditions concerning her use of magic. Sadira often walked exceedingly close to the fine line between Preserving and Defiling Magic.

Sadira of Tyr, an acknowledged Sorceress, sits on the ruling council of Tyr and welcomes Preservers to the city openly for the first time in thousands of years.


Tools and Equipment[]


Now, during the daylight hours when the crimson sun blazes across the sky, Sadira draws the energy for wizardly magic from the sun itself.  When filled with the sun’s energy, she appears as beautiful as ever, though her skin turns jet black, her eyes glow like burning embers, her pupils disappear, and wisps of black steam escape her lips when she breathes. As they are drawn from the most powerful source of energy on Athas, Sadira’s abilities as a Sun Wizard are greater than her abilities as a typical Preserver.

At night, she reverts to her normal Half-Elven form and must rely on normal Preserving Magic.


The tale of Sadira can be found in The Prism Pentad novel series, as well as the new Dark Sun Campaign Setting.