Pyreen are a mysterious race of beings that existed.


Pyreens (or Peace-Bringers) are mysterious beings that roam the world of Athas. They are powerful psionicists and very powerful druids. They travel about Athas attempting to set things right, although it looks like a hopeless battle. Few know of their existence, and fewer still have ever met one. They are sworn enemies of defilers, and their actions indicate they are bent on the destruction of the sorcerer-kings.

Pyreens are humanoid, although they are not identifiable as any of the current humanoid or demi-human races – rather, they have characteristics of all of them. They have the broad bodies of dwarves, the pointed ears of the elves, the eyes of a human or giant, and the childlike face of the halflings. Pyreens are almost never seen in their natural form, for with their druidic abilities they can take the form of any animal. Peace-bringers also have forms in each race and generally travel about looking like any of a thousand faceless wanderers on the roads.


Loners. Pyreen typically do not let anyone know exactly who or what they are. They are excellent at keeping secrets.


Pyreens do not like combat, but they are devastating foes if they do decide to fight. In addition to their formidable psionic powers, all pyreens are druids. As such, they each have guarded lands, but these lands are huge (for instance, the entire Forest Ridge or the Ringing Mountains of the west). They have major access to the spheres of the Cosmos and to all of the elemental spheres.


They seldom group together.




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