Pterrans are a race of lizard men who inhabit the Hinterlands near the Ringing Mountains. While most never make it past the mountains, some small clans have made their homes on the desert side, living in the forests and jungles near the Forest Ridge, near the rocky barrens which border the deserts of Athas.

Pterrans look more like humanoid pteranodons than they do lizards, indicating that they may be related in some way to the Pterrax, a race of flying creatures found on the rocky barrens of Athas. Standing roughly six feet tall, pterrans have light brown scales for skin. Along with their two arms and legs, pterrans also have a short, tail-like appendage and two rounded stubs on their backs, which further hint at their relationship to pterodactyls. The head of a pterran features large, almost bulbous eyes and a long snout, which is also the creature’s mouth. The mouth of a pterran has many teeth, which are used for ripping its food apart. The arms of pterrans end with clawed hands, usable in both hunting and fighting. There are no obvious characteristics which distinguish males from females under normal circumstances.

The language of pterrans is a collection of vocal sounds that are combined with clicks and taps made with their claws. The vocal sounds of the pterrans are largely hisses and pops, with occasional snarls or growls. It is almost impossible for humans and demi-humans to speak the pterran language because human voices are unable to create the necessary sounds. It is accordingly difficult for humans or demihumans to interpret this language, resulting in a -5 to any language proficiency checks made when attempting to understand the pterran language.


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