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Desert Giants are humanoid is appearance. They stand anywhere from 20 to 25 feet tall and weigh from six to eight tons each. Desert Giants have exaggerated facial features: huge noses, mouths, or ears. Their skin is most often dark red, but some specimens have jet-black skin. The hair of Desert Giants is usually a light brown color and is very coarse and sturdy.


2nd Edition[]

  • Frecuency: Uncommon.
  • Organization: Clans.
  • Intelligence: 5-7 (Low).
  • Treasure: J (I).
  • No. Appearing: 5-10 (1d6+4).
  • Armor Class: 4.
  • Movement: 15.
  • Hit Dice: 14.
  • THAC0: 7.
  • No. Attacks: 1.
  • Damage/Attack: 2-16+14 (2d8+14).
  • Special Attacks: Hurl rocks or spears.
  • Special Defenses: Resistant to Psionics.
  • Magic Resistance: Nil.
  • Morale: Champion (15-16).
  • XP Value: 6.000 xp.
  • Psionics: Nil.
  • Desert Giants have strength the corresponds to a strength score of 25.


Desert Giants live on desert islands. This climate is nearly identical to the deserts of Athas, save that these islands are surrounded by the Sea of Silt. Desert Giants live in clans, each having from 5 to 10 members. Both males and females are present in Desert Giant clans. Desert Giants live in huge caves located in the rock formations found on most of the islands of the Sea of Silt. Each cave can house two or three giants, and each clan will be spread out between four or five caves. 

Desert Giants eat most anything, preferring meat to plants and vegetables. Many clans domesticate herds of Erdlus, Kanks, and other creatures. Because their islands have limited vegetation, Desert Giants eat little in terms of plant life. 

Desert Giants are able to cross the Sea of Silt by wading along the edges of the sea, where the silt is not too deep. Desert Giants travel infrequently to the main lands of Athas. 


Desert giants often sell their hair to rope makers.


When defending their island homes, Desert Giants hurl rocks at the uninvited guests in order to deter their enemy's advance.  Desert Giants will often also throw huge spears carved from dead tree trunks.

When Desert Giants are on the offensive, they will close to melee range quickly. Desert Giants fight using huge, spiked clubs.

2nd Edition[]

  •  Hurl Rocks: These rocks do 2d10 points of damage.
  •  Hurl Spears: In case they throw huge spears, when they hit, these spears do 3d10 points of damage. Desert giants are able to throw either of these weapons up to 250 yards.

These clubs do 2d8+14 (due to exceptional strength) points of damage per successful attack.

  •  Resistant to Psionics: Desert Giants are naturally resistant to all types of psionics. When attacked psionically, a desert giant may save versus spells to totally negate the effect.