Outpost I9 is a small trading outpost in a stony canyon at the northeastern end of the Mekillot Mountains. Established by House Wavir primarily for caravans traveling between Nibenay and North Ledopolus, Outpost I9 now also conducts a significant amount of business with Fort Fyra.

Layout of Outpost 19

Layout of Outpost 19

Outpost I9 was established decades ago, during an expansionist period of the history of House Wavir. During the early years of the leadership of the patriarch Tabaros Wavir, the dwarven towns of North and South Ledopolus were just beginning their efforts to bridge the Estuary of the Forked Tongue. Tabaros, seeing an opportunity to build a trade route to Nibenay, established Outpost I9 in the shelter of the nearby Mekillot Mountains. The dwarven effort at Ledopolus has been unsuccessful, but Outpost I9 has served House Wavir well. While not the most active of merchant forts, its convenience to southbound caravans from Nibenay makes it a favored stopover. Caravans visiting the villages of the southeastern Tyr region restock here often, as they are welcomed by master trader Ragstol Wavir, regardless of house affiliation (for the most part). The Fort Today The outpost began as a small building nestled in a protected valley in the eastern Mekillot Mountains. As the outpost grew, it gained some of the characteristics and defenses of a real merchant fort. Still, it is much less insular than Fort Harbeth or Fort Inix.

There are four merchants posted to Outpost I9, including Ragstol Wavir and his son Astemba. The other two are often absent, supervising a regular trade caravan to or from North Ledopolus. Outpost I9 has a small garrison consisting of 15 warriors of 4th to 7th level. There are a few elves and muls in the force, but the majority are human. The troops are armed and armored in a variety of equipment, with no man wearing any less than hide armor (AC 6). This motley force is surprisingly effective, particularly since they are dedicated to their cause and are well treated by Ragstol. As mentioned above, the outpost is not well fortified.

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