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Nok was a Halfling Druid.


Verdant Passage[]

Ktandeo's final words to Sadira are to find Nok, a Halfling Druid, who is finishing the weapon to kill Kalak and creator of his magical cane. Agis, Rikus, Sadira, Neeva and Anezka agree to go to find Nok passed the Ringing Mountains in the Forest Ridge.

Once they reach the Forest Ridge a group of Halfling Hunters discover them and take them to Nok. Anezka leaves the group when she reveals that she was taking them to Nok as tribute to get back into the tribe after her enslavement. After several moments of the halflings almost killing them in tests to see if they are worthy the company is gifted the Heartwood Spear. Nok then informs the group that Kalak is planning on turning into a dragon by sacrificing the life force of 40,000 Tyrian citizens that go to visit the Gladiator Tournament. It explains Kalak's haste in finishing the Ziggurat as the Dragon of Tyr is planning to kill Kalak.

Crimson Legion[]

After killing Kalak, Rikus honored his promise to Nok and returned the Heartwood Spear to him. However, Sadira refused to return Ktandeo’s Cane, and Nok, armed with the Heartwood Spear, pursued her across the Tablelands. 

The Amber Enchantress[]

Seeking an audience, Nok requests Tithian hand over Sadira. Seeing this a mutual arrangement Tithian tells Nok where she has gone. Nok managed to catch up to Sadira near the Canyon of Guthay. Nok transformed the Heartwood Spear into an immense oak tree to keep the weapon from Sadira. Sadira tries to use her cane, but Nok uses an Obsidian Orb to destroy it and she is knocked out by the attack, waking to find that Nok was transformed by the attack into a tree, possibly a Tree of Life.


Nok is sympathetic to the Veiled Alliance's cause and created two magical artifacts to aid them, Ktandeo's Staff and the Heartwood Spear. One with nature his goal is to stop the Sorcerer Kings from further blighting the land with their defiler magic. Like many Athasians he has a distrust of defilers and will kill those he deems as such. He is so zealous in his beliefs that he gave his own life in order to make sure one of his artifacts wouldn't be abused by Sadira, whom he labelled a defiler.

Tools and Equipment[]

  • Ktandeo's Staff - A staff with an Obsidian Orb on the tip of it that allowed for defiling magic to be siphoned from people and animals instead of plant life.
  • Heartwood Spear - The spear that pierced through Kalak's defenses.


Nok is a powerful druid who is able to create magical weapons.


The Verdant Passage

The Amber Enchantress