In a deserted corner of the Tyr Region, the Mud Palace stands in the middle of a vast mudflat. It is a mysterious citadel of white marble that appears to have no windows or doors in its lower floors. From it's towers pour continuous torrents of cold, fresh water that have irrigated the mudflat for years, perhaps centuries. Nomads who pass nearby say that the palace was the home of a powerful sorcerer who commanded genies or demons to build it for him. As the story goes, he reneged on his payment, and his otherworldly allies entombed him in the structure. It seems likely that a gate or a portal provides the Mud Palace with it's bottomless fountains, but few people try to collect water here - the surrounding mudflat teems with horrid monsters.

Source: Dark Sun Campaign Setting 4e : TSR / Wizards of the Coast : Chapter 5, Atlas of Athas, page 183

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