Mind Lord

No one knows a great deal about the Mind Lords. After all, it was over nine thousand years ago that they were born, during the height of the Green Age. Since then, the entire planet has been transformed by the rampant misuse of magic, from a verdant globe to a ball of desert sand. What is known about the Mind Lords is that they are three individuals, somehow still in the prime of their health, despite their incredible age. The three are Thesik (a male human), Barani (a female human), and Kosveret (a male elf).

Together, they rule the city of Saragar with an iron fist encased within a velvet glove. While the rest of the valley of the Last Sea is also under their protection, people who live outside of the city of Saragar are usually left largely to their own devices-until something happens that demands the Mind Lords’ attention. The Mind Lords rarely make personal appearances on the streets of their city, but they can be seen on the battlements of the palace on festival days (which occur regularly), watching over their “children.”

Other than that, they are hardly ever seen. In their stead, the Lawkeeper Efkenu, the commander of the lawkeepers, regularly holds court in the palace. The common people of Saragar have very little interaction with the Mind Lords. Only the heads of the Saragan government meet with them at all regularly. Those who wish to talk about the experience say that the Mind Lords are the best kind of rulers: benevolent dictators with only their people’s happiness in mind at all times. Few citizens would dare to contradict such an assessment, for fear of their very lives.


The valley of the Last Sea has stood isolated from the rest of Athas for nine millennia. When the time of separation came about, the barriers that the Mind Lords set up to keep their charges in and the remainder of the world out were strong nearly undefeatable. Nothing could go in or out of the valley without the Mind Lords instantly knowing exactly who was making the attempt and why. No one ever succeeding in piercing the barrier without the Mind Lords’ permission. Times have changed, though, and the barrier is not nearly as impenetrable as it once was. These days, outlanders (as people from outside the valley of the Last Sea are called by those who make their homes there) are slightly more common than they once were. Such visitors are occasionally seen in the towns and villages dotting Marnita’s western shore, where the Mind Lords’ control is more lax, opposite the city of Saragar. But spotting an outsider in Saragar is still cause for sounding a general alarm. Nonetheless, some few outsiders do manage to find their way safely into the capital city. Fortunately enough for them, the Mind Lords are far too busy trying to shore up the psionic defenses that keep Marnita’s fragile ecosystem preserved. They simply don’t have the time to worry about intruders—unless, of course, they’re vegetation-despoiling defilers. That’s the job of the lawkeepers, Saragar’s psionically powered police force.

Over the millennia, though, even the lawkeepers’ legendary vigilance has grown a bit lax. Most members of this elite group seem more interested in personal power than in keeping the peace. Accordingly, they have also grown more abusive of the people they are supposed to protect. The original reasons behind the Mind Lords’ edicts are often ignored in favor of the letter of the law, or in favor of whatever interpretive stretch the lawkeeper on hand wishes to make. Thus, outsiders can travel within Saragar, as long as they avoid calling the lawkeepers’ attention to themselves. But woe betide the stranger who transgresses a law within that city. Like a nest of angry hornets, the lawkeepers will descend upon him, and rather than share his fate, the locals will avert their gaze from the “justice” their lawkeepers serve. Outside of Saragar, however, there is actually a theory growing that the Mind Lords are intentionally weakening the Border of Guardians in order to allow a few hardy outsiders in.

According to this reasoning, the society of Marnita’s valley has stagnated for too long, and it is ready for some new blood. Either that or the Mind Lords have realized that their time will soon come to an end, and they want to prepare their people for an eventual influx of many outlanders. To give their people a preview of the eventual disappearance of the Border of Guardians, then the Mind Lords are supposed to have weakened the barrier. They haven’t lowered it entirely though, as they want only the most powerful and the most determined visitors to be able to break through. Thus, these outlanders actually may be in the valley of the Last Sea with the Mind Lords’ tacit agreement. No proof of this theory has been given, however, and of course the Mind Lords’ aren’t talking. As such, the actual reasons for the decay of the Border of the Guardians remain a subject of speculation.

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