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This cane is a wooden rod constructed of an unknown
hardwood, with an obsidian ball five inches in diameter affixed
to the end of it.  


Ktandeo’s Cane is a 3 feet tall wooden staff and weighs 10 pounds. It allows its wielder to cast spells fueling his own energy into the obsidian orb on top.  


This artifact was the creation of Nok as a gift to Ktandeo, the mentor to the half-elven wizard Sadira. Being a notable wizard by his own right, Ktandeo taught Sadira and many others the art of drawing magic from the land without defiling its essence. Nok created this cane to help Ktandeo in his struggle against the defilers of the land. Ktandeo died while fleeing the Tyrian templars in UnderTyr, but before he passed away he told Sadira of the Heartwood Spear and of his magical cane. The dying human believed that these two artifacts of the halfling race were the only objects that could destroy King Kalak of Tyr. When Rikus was given the Heartwood Spear by Nok, Sadira received Ktandeo’s Cane as an additional weapon to use in the defense of Tyr and the Forest Ridge. Following the death of King Kalak, Sadira refused to return the artifact named after her late master to Nok. It was because of this that the halfling pursued Sadira across the Tablelands, until their final confrontation at the Canyon of Guthay. It was here that Nok shattered the obsidian ball atop the cane with another obsidian orb of his own, before falling to the damage of the destruction.  


This staff allows the wielder, even non-magical characters, to cast certain powerful spells.

Because the staff draws from the life force of the wielder, the wielder is considerably aged by casting spells from the staff. Creatures that are immune to the effects of aging can not use the Staff's enchantment.


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