Not all kanks on Athas are maintained by the nomad herdsmen. Many herds of kanks roam wild across the Tablelands. Kanks are large, docile insects with black, segmented, chitinous exoskeletons, covering their head, thorax and abdomen, Kanks grow up to eight feet in length, four feet in height, and can weigh as much as 400 pounds. At the front of their head, kanks sport a pair of sharp pincers which they use for both feeding and fighting. The thorax of a kank has six legs. Each leg has a strong claw at its end, allowing the creature to grip the surfaces it walks upon. Like most insects, the kank's abdomen has no appendages and is supported by the rest of its body.


2nd Edition

  • Frecuency: Common.
  • Organization: Hive.
  • Intelligence: 1 (Animal).
  • Treasure: Nil.
  • No. Appearing: (5d10)x10.
  • Armor Class: 5.
  • Movement: 15.
  • Hit Dice: 3.
  • THAC0: 17.
  • No. Attacks: 1 or 2.
  • Damage/Attack: 1d6 or 1d6/1d8.
  • Special Attacks: Crush / Poison.
  • Special Defenses: Nil.
  • Magic Resistance: Nil.
  • Morale: Average (8-10).
  • XP Value: 175 xp.






When kanks engage in combat, it is usually the soldier type that is involved, as they are the best suited to fight.

2n Edition

If the tactic works, there is a -2 penalty to their opponents' surprise rolls; otherwise they break cover and join the pursuit.

 A soldier kank will strike with its pincers, doing 1d8 points of damage on a successful attack. Any victim hit by a soldier kank is also injected with Class O poison (save vs. poison or be paralyzed in 2-24 rounds).

  •  Grapple: If the attack roll against a foe is 15 or higher and that is a hit, the victim is also grappled; each round thereafter the victim suffers an extra 1d6 points of crushing damage in addition to the normal 1d8 points of damage and poison attack in the first round. Breaking free from the grapple of a kank requires a Strength roll at a -2 penalty. Companions of the victim may attempt to free him by attacking the kank's pincers. A total of 5 points of damage is all that is required to loose the victim.

Psionics Summary

2nd Edition

Level Dis/Sci/Dev Attack/Defense Score PSPs
11 2/2/7 EW,II/MBk,TS 11 40
  • Clairsentience — Sciences: pregognition; Devotions: feel sound, feel light.
  • Telepathy — Sciences: mindlink; Devotions: attraction, contact (false sensory input), ego whip (inflict pain), life detection, id insinuation (invincible foes).


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