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The Ivory Triangle
Author(s) Kirk Botula and Curtis Scott
Publisher TSR
Released 1993
Type Boxed Set
Pages 213
ISBN ISBN 1-56076-604-2

Source: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/17190/The-Ivory-Triangle-2e?term=ivory+tri

Nowhere are the stark contrasts that define life on Athas more dramatic than within the Ivory Triangle!

In the forests of Gulg live elite hunters called the Judaga Warriors, who claim the heads of their prey as trophies. Behind the walls of Nibenay (built with the toil of countless slaves), decadent markets promise myriad experiences to those who have the money to spend and courage to spare. Across the desolate slat flats of the Great Ivory Plain, a handful of bold merchant outposts and slave tribes struggle to exist and to exploit unwary wanderers. Amidst all, a sinister poisoner of the Tablelands plies his trade on the border between life and death. These dangers and more lie within that region called the Ivory Triangle-the ideal setting for continuing adventures on the deadly world of Athas!

Designed for four to seven players of starting levels, the DM's Book and Player's Book inside this pack provide the Dark Sun game DMs with a Campaign base in Tyr, and give PCs a brutal introduction to Athas.

It allowed the player characters to take part in the pivotal event of The Verdant Passage, the first novel in the Prism Pentad novel series.

The event was a rebellion that ended with the death of Kalak, the Sorcerer-King, and the independence of the city-state of Tyr.


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Part Three