The universe is all in the mind that perceives it and sensation is the first and only reality. If a tree falls in the forest with no creature to hear it, then there is no tree.
  — Anonymous Illusionist

The Illusionist is a specialist wizard who wields magical illusions. An illusionist can be either a Preserver or a Defiler, and will advance in levels accordingly. An illusionist can be from any social class.

Illusionists see reality as being in a state of imperceptible fluctuation, constantly changing based on how the unconscious minds of all sentient beings perceive the world. Illusionists claim that they can modify this fluctuating reality and so are in fact altering the world on a deeply subconscious level. Debunkers of this theory retort that illusionists are either more than a little insane or merely tricking people with light, since illusions you can't see are usually harmless. 

Philosophically, illusionists come into conflict with abjurers, since abjuration negates illusion's ability to confound the mind. Conjuration, as well, represents the diametric opposite of illusion, manifesting what is real and solid in the world, as opposed to what the illusionist call into being. 

Illusionists tend to be flamboyant, outgoing and self-assured, with many exhibiting a hedonistic streak that can lead to dark and cruel practices in the pursuit of rare and unusual perceptions. Remarkably creative, illusionists enjoy art, literature, poetry and music, and many are accomplished artists in their own right. Although their aptitude for scholarly pursuits is as great as that of any other specialist, illusionists spend less time in research than most, forgoing the isolation of the library or laboratory in favor of the only laboratory that matters: the streets. They spend time in the company of people and revel the constant thrill of manipulating the powers of sensation. 

Illusionists have sharp minds but are not exceptionally deep thinkers. Pragmatic by nature, they accept the impermanence of all things and see only futility in the acts of those who dedicate their lives to the development of all-encompassing philosophies of existence and meaning. Illusionists have no strong alignment tendencies. While good illusionists share their creative impulses for the benefit of others, evil illusionists sometimes take their worldview to dark extremes --the beings around them seem like less-than-real toys and tools to be manipulated or destroyed like any other figment or shadow. After all, if nothing is real than there is really no such thing as evil. Only fun.

Illusionists are highly imaginative people who thrill in the magical deceptions they create. Illusionists are often exceedingly curious about others' fears and dreams, with some constantly asking inappropriate questions about what scares them. Many consider themselves superior to anybody their illusions deceive and others regard their illusions as being more real than the "veiled world" around them. Some are intensely private, never talking about themselves or their own opinions so others cannot use it against them. 

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