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This wooden spear is six feet in length, coming to an extremely sharp natural point at both ends, colored in the deepest burgundy; its surface completely smooth.  


The Heartwood Spear’s surface is perfectly smooth. When wielded, the overflowing life energy within makes the weapon tingle with its barely-contained energy, immediately alerting the wielder to its overwhelming power.


The Heartwood Spear was created by the halfling druid Nok in the 190th King’s Age, and is rumored to have been constructed from a piece of the Last Tree, and the life energy of Nok, both choosing to sacrifice part of their life essence to prevent another dragon from arising and rampaging across the land. The Heartwood Spear was given to a Tyrian gladiator named Rikus by Nok in the year of Priest’s Defiance of the 190th King’s Age, when Ktandeo and the halflings from the Forest Ridge discovered that King Kalak of Tyr was going to accelerate his dragon metamorphosis to become a full dragon, a stage akin to that of Borys of Ebe. Rikus was able to seriously injure Kalak with the Heartwood Spear, though it did not kill him. Later, Kalak was slain by the combined effort of Rikus, Sadira, Agis of Asticles, and the High Templar Tithian. Afterwards, Rikus honored his promise to Nok and returned the Heartwood Spear to him. However, Sadira refused to return Ktandeo’s Cane, and Nok, armed with the Heartwood Spear, pursued her across the Tablelands. During their final battle near the Canyon of Guthay, Nok transformed the Heartwood Spear into an immense oak tree to keep the weapon from Sadira, but perished in battle afterwards. To this day the Spear in its tree form lies shattered at the bottom of the canyon.


The Heartwood Spear has a chance to destroy the armor that it penetrates. The spear has a special sap that, once in the blood, harms the ability scores of the target, until they die or are cured by special means.

If ever sundered or otherwise broken, the Heartwood Spear becomes a normal, broken wooden spear until one of its ends is rammed upright into the earth. If left a full day under the sun and given a liter of water it will grow roots and leaves. From then on, it will reattach broken pieces if they are applied to a break. Once it is whole again, the leaves and the roots wither away, leaving an intact Heartwood Spear behind.


Legends of Athas, companion book to Dark Sun 3.