Hamanu is a Sorcerer-King and rules Urik city-state. He is called the Lion of the Desert.


Champion of Rajaat

4th Champion of Rajaat, exterminated the troll race in 1.505 years. Formerly Manu of Dece, Hamanu kills and replaces Myron when Myron displeases Rajaat. Hamanu would later assist Borys in his rebellion against Rajaat and become the Sorcerer-King of Urik.

Pre-Fall of Kalak

The Sorcerer-King Kalak cut off iron trade to Urik in order to finish his ziggurat faster. In response Hamanu sent a messenger to Tyr to negotiate that trade resume. Kalak beheaded the messenger and sent it back to Hamanu.

The Crimson Legion

After Tithian took over Tyr, Hamanu sent Maetan of House Lubar to try and take the city-state. When Maetan came back from the campaign with only the Book of Kemalok Kings, the Sorcerer-King sent him back to negotiate with Rikus a truce, the terms being Tyr opens iron trade back with Urik and that the gladiator legion be gifted to Urik as slaves. Knowing that Rikus would not accept the terms, Hamanu baited the Mul into sending his gladiators into a trap.

Rikus tries to assassinate Hamanu with the Scourge of Rkard. Hamanu manages to stop Rikus and kill off many of the Tyrian legion.

The Amber Enchantress

At some point after Maetan's failure Hamanu killed off all of House Lubar as punishment. It is unknown who took over House Lubar's obsidian mine, but it is assumed Hamanu gave ownership to another noble family.


Hamanu controls every aspect of Urik governance and economy. He is considered a military genius and is known to spend much time studying. As far as Sorcerer-Kings go Hamanu cares more than most of his citizens, but he will still kill anyone who annoys him.

Tools and Equipment

  • Obsidian Orb Staff.


Hamanu is well verse in the Way and in the arcane arts. Unlike many of his fellow Sorcerer-Kings he is able to transform into a giant lion, dubbed the Lion of the Desert.


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