It was a tattered journal wrote by Galek Sandstrider, a famous traveler and adventurer who lived nearly 100 years ago. Into it he described the strongest evidence regarding Ur Draxa, the City of Doom.

Who has not heard of the mystical city of the silt, the green and fair realm in the heart of the choking dust? Too many people have seen it for such a place to not exist; of that we can be certain. But what is it? How does life exist in the depths of the Sea of Silt? And why is it that none who have sought the wonderful city have ever returned?.

I am Galek, who once on this ruined world would have been called mage. In these bitter times I am an outlaw and a renegade. I have dedicated my life to answering questions, leaving the wars and squabbles of slaves and Sorcerer-Kings for other men. Now I grow old, and the scant knowledge I have gathered must be recorded or lost again.

I know that this was once a green world, a world of seas and forests. I know that this cruel and tormented world in which we live was shaped by our own hands. Sorcery, dark and evil, made Athas what it is today.

But of all the things I have learned, of all riddles I have answered, the greatest and darkest defies me still. I have seen the ciy in the Sit, that wonderful and magical place that dances before my eyes of men dying of thirst. I have been there.

And I tell you this: it is stark hell.

In the very center of the Sea of Silt is a valley, a wound in the very earth itself. A furnace wind screams endessly through this devastated realm, carrying away the silt in an eternal pall of choking dust, scouring the earth to bare rock. I passed into this valley, and I found fire and death. The earth is warped and barren, devoid of life. The sun is hidden behind the endless clouds of blowing dust. And at the heart of this tortured place a ring of burning rock encircles a city so large my eye could not encompass it in one glance.

I could not pass beyond the sea of molten rock; my companions were dead, and I was at the end of my strength. But before I turned away I studied the city long and hard; though you may think me a madman to say it, I know that city was a hundred times greater than any I have ever seen-and I have visited every one of the cities of Tyr, from far Balic to ancient Raam.

It was at the nameless city in the sea of molten rock that I saw the Dragon.

  — Garek Sandstrider, from Garek's Journal

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