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A creature of unnatural beauty and terror. The Gaj is a powerful psionic creature that has been a staple in arenas across the Tablelands.

General Description[]

The gaj is a psionic horror. Physically, it appears as a large reptile resembling a beetle in appearance. Its body is covered by a scaly, rust-orange shell about six feet in diameter. From beneath this shell protrude six four-jointed legs which end in webbed feet with long, sharp claws.

Its head is a spongy white globe about two feet in diameter. Spaced at even intervals around the head are six compound eyes. A pair of barbed mandibles as long as a man’s arms flank six fingerlike appendages that hang over its mouth, and three feathery stalks rise from the top of the head.


Like all carnivores, the gaj eat flesh to provide their bodies with physical energy. Unlike most other animals, however, the gaj derive their mental energy from the thoughts of other beings, through the effects of their probe powers. No matter where they live, the gaj are constantly using their feathery antennas to search the horizon with their psionic life detection powers for signs of their favorite prey-other intelligent races. If the Gaj is unable to find an intellegent creature to sustain itself, it will slowly lose strength and will to live.

External Links[]

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