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Layout of Fort Harbeth

The Layout of Fort Harbeth

Fort Harbeth is the major fort of House Inika in the Ivory Triangle region. The fortress is located in the southwestern foothills of the Mekillot Mountains, at the intersection of the caravan routes between Gulg, Salt View, and North Ledopolus. It stands at the top of a large hill in the stony barrens, its rear and sides protected not only by the fortress wall but also by the sheer sides of the hill which act as natural palisades. A winding road brings caravans up the hillside to the main gate. In keeping with the traditions of this house, its defenses are quietly understated, but the nomads and raiders of the Triangle have learned better than to attack this powerful fort.

Outside Fort Harbeth

Lying near the crossroads of three major trade routes, Fort Harbeth is frequented by nomads, merchant caravans, slave tribes, and even some elven tribes. Some of House Inikas caravans to North Ledopolus and points beyond pass through Harbeths gates, but the task of marshalling the caravans for Tyr has fallen to the headquarters of the house in Gulg. Recently, trade with North Ledopolus has led to an increase in the supply of dwarven items, particularly weapons, passing through this fortress. Such items can be purchased in the fort, although they are even more expensive here than in Gulg. In addition to the standard trade goods, Fort Harbeth maintains a large herd of erdlu. These birds thrive on the rough scrub which dots the foothills of the Mekillot Mountains and, with the ready supply of water provided by the spring, are able to survive year-round without ever straying far from the fortress.

Fort Harbeth's garrison includes a staff of 10 traders, including the master trader Waltian Inika and his assistant, Kelira Legar. This small trading group is defended by 40 soldiers led by Hurgen Vurst, a half-giant. Four of the soldiers are 7th-level sergeants, the rest are all 5th-level fighters. The troops wear hide armor and carry bone battle axes, light crossbows, and stretched leather shields. The garrison is supported by a well-defended fortress. In addition to the usual defenses of high walls and strong gates, the outer defenses of the fortress are littered with traps. Most of these traps are fairly simple. They consist of covered pits and spined traps along the tops of the walls, intentionally loosened stones on the outer face to deter climbers, and other delaying or injuring barriers. These traps are intended to deter stealthy attacks; the garrison is quite sufficient to repel any direct attack by force.


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