DS1 -- 2401
Author(s) David "Zeb" Cook
Publisher TSR
Released 1991
Type Adventure Module
ISBN ISBN I-56076-I05-9


Freedom is the first Dark Sun adventure published after the release of the initial boxed set.

Enter the ancient and corrupt city of Tyr, whose tyrannical Sorcerer-King has ruled for a millennium. As you wander the city, form the wreck of the elven warrens to the sanguine splendor of the arena, you realize that the citizens of Tyr thirst less for water than they do for freedom.

Now, after a century of slave labor, Sorcerer King Kalak's great ziggurat nears completion. He has promised the city a grand celebration when the monument is done, complete with the most brutal arena spectacle in Tyr's long history. Rumors abound as to the nature of the spectacle: some believe it will bring with it the longed-for manumission of countless slaves; others fear the annihilation of Tyr and her people as a sacrifice to Kalak's hunger for power; and a secret few believe it will be a day of revolution -a day for freedom!

Designed for four to seven players of starting levels, the DM's Book and Player's Book inside this pack provide the Dark Sun game DMs with a Campaign base in Tyr, and give PCs a brutal introduction to Athas.

It allowed the player characters to take part in the pivotal event of The Verdant Passage, the first novel in the Prism Pentad novel series.

The event was a rebellion that ended with the death of Kalak, the Sorcerer-King, and the independence of the city-state of Tyr.


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Part Three


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