Honor? The word does not exist in the Elven language.
  — Tharak, human guard

Athasian Elf

Elves, for the most part, are regarded slightly better than most races on Athas, though that is not saying much. Elves typically are found in nomadic tribes or within city states. Most are as fast with their talking as with their feet. Tribal elves see it as disgraceful to ride animals and instead walk/run everywhere.

Stories of Elves describe swindlers in elven bazaars and wandering bands of raiders that strip caravans of goods. Entire Elf tribes have disappeared from city-states after a single member ran afoul of the Templars.

Elves stand between 6 to 7 feet tall, with long swept back ears, straight and narrow facial features and no facial hair.

Famous NPCsEdit

  • Kaldras. Elf trader and opportunistic slaver.

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