Dwarves are tough humanoids that live on Athas.

Physical attributesEdit

Dwarves are shorter than most humans, standing around only 4 feet high. They are almost always well muscled, stocky and always have a complete lack of hair.


Dwarves are equally at home above and below ground. Thanks to their extraordinary toughness and their psychological focus, they can withstand punishing work conditions.

Dwarves have no homeland of their own. The towns of North and South Ledopolus are primarily dwarven, and dwarves mingle among the humans of Tyr.


Dwarves are commonly used as slave labor. And in extreme cases as breeders for Mul slaves.

Many congregate into tribes outside of civilization. Unlike other nomadic races, dwarves are content with staying put as much as possible. They have even been known to live above old ruins that they once called home in ancient times.

When a Dwarf makes something their focus, they will not rest until it is completed. Focuses are goals which they give themselves. A dwarf who dies with an unfinished focus is doomed to walk Athas as an undead creature for penance for not being strong enough to complete it.


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