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What am I? I am a merchant, plain and simple. I do what I must to make a profit and to promote a climate that is conducive to trade. And how must that be done, you ask? By maintaining absolute neutrality, I tell you. By refusing to join any group or order, by trading with all equally. I trade with all and shun no one. All are welcome to trade -elves, dwarves, gith, belgoi -why, I would trade with the dragon itself if it wished!
  — View of Dune Traders come from a trader

Dune Traders

Dune Traders are a major source of trade on Athas. Ranging from mighty Trade Houses to the lowly merchants just trying to make do.

General Description[]

Many Dune Traders are considered the best of the best. Traversing the desert wastes to sell goods leaves its mark. And that mark includes patience and knowing when to oversell. There are two major types of Trade Houses, those that lay in the City-States and Elven Trade Houses which act like nomadic tribes moving from place.

 They bring to villagers the food and supplies they need to live, and they trade it to villagers for their crafts, their produce, or their animals. Sometimes, when villagers have little to trade, they exchange their goods for services -for places to stay or fodder for their beasts.


Caravan Master[]

When dealing with the type of hazards that leading a trade caravan can bring, the Caravan Master is up to the challenge. Mutinies, Raiders, and the harsh desert are nothing compared to the wrath the Caravan Master can inflict to keep him men in line. Successful caravans are not bought with coin, but in sweat and bloodshed.

Shady Dealer[]

When Trade Houses want some discretion the Shady Dealer is their friend. Often times Trade Houses will want to gain information on the other Trade Houses or to smuggle artifacts from one safe house to another. Shady Dealers are also  hot beds of information and gossip. If a Trade House is secretly transporting a crate full of iron weapons from Balic to Gulg, they probably have heard about it.