Dune Trader.jpg

DSE2 -- TSR 2428
Black Spine
Author(s) Walter Baas, Dustin Browder, Tom Prusa and Jonathan Tweet
Publisher TSR
Released 1994
Type Adventure Module
Pages 314
Realm Year Free Year 6

In the harsh lands of Athas, even the bare necessities of life are hard to come by. The caravans of the traders ply the shifting sands, daring raiders and the elements to bring goods and hope to both the teeming hordes of the city-states and the isolated villagers in the trackless wastelands. Without the traders, life on Athas would be impossible. 

Dune Trader explores the lives of the people who are the lifeblood of Athas. The major merchant houses of the Tyr Region are described, as well as minor houses, elven merchant and raiding tribes, and the mercantile tendencies of all the races of Athas. The personalities who drive these houses and tribes are detailed fully within these pages.

A new character class is introduced here-the Dune Trader class. The DM receives complete instructions on how to run a trader-based campaign, and the players are shown how to play trader characters and start their own merchant houses. The most vital and exciting challenge on Athas await with this book!


Adventure One: Clash by Night

  • Part One: Into the Desert
  • Part Two: Arrival
  • Part Three: Debate by Candlelight
  • Part Four: Spies in the Night
  • Part Five: Preparations for War
  • Part Six: The Order of Battle
  • Part Seven: Eye of the Storm
  • Part Eight: Victory by Five

Adventure Two: Cry Vengeance

  • Part One: Funeral Pyres
  • Part Two: Across the Desert
  • Part Three: Battle of the Mind
  • Part Four: At the Gate

Adventure Three: Into the Mines

  • Part One: Nibenay's Mine Tunnels
  • Part Two: Zigath's Nest
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