The long thought dead Sorcerer-King of Giustenal. Known as the Dread King. Now he is the Undead Lord of New Giustenal.


The 3rd Champion of Rajaat, known as the "Ravager of Giants", his cleansing of the giants was unsuccessful.

Obsession with GodhoodEdit

Dregoth was always obsessed with why the deities of Athas seemed to not exist. His obsession lead to his dicsovery of how to become one himself. This lead to his eventual downfall at the hands of Sorcerer-Queen Abalach-Re and other Sorcerer-Kings, one of the last times the Sorcerer-Kings allied under one cause. It is believed upon his transformation into a full Dragon he would turn into a deity. Once he was dead the Sorcerer-Kings returned to their city-states. 

Acension into LichhoodEdit

Absalom was once a human of Giustenal, until he was transformed into a Dray. After his transformation was completed by Dregoth, he was killed and raised as the Dread King's new High Priest. It is because of Absalom that Dregoth still lives as a Lich-like beast. It is not known what to make of Dregoth, after his transformation he is a lich, but his body looks more like dragon. While not a full Dragon he is still a formidable foe. The location of his phylactory is known only by Dregoth and his High Priest Absalom.

New GiustenalEdit

After his resurrection, Dregoth fled beneath the ruins of Giustenal to raise himself another army. This underground city is filled with new Dray, created by their Dread King. These New Giustenal Dray were bred to seek revenge on those who stopped their creator from attaining both Godhood and Dragonhood.

Appearances Edit