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Kalin riders are the Templars of Dregoth.
Kalin riders are the Templars of Dregoth.
== Sources ==
* ''[https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/17200/City-By-the-Silt-Sea-2e?term=City+by+the+by+ City by the Silt Sea]''. Dark Sun Campaign Book, by Shane Lacy Hensley (1994).

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Dray, 2nd edition

Dray are draconic humanoid, an artificially created race by the Sorcerer-King Dregoth.

General Description[]

Humanoid, dragon-like in appearance. All Dray are around 7 feet tall. None have wings, but they do have tails.

First Generation[]

Far from the perfection that Dregoth was looking for. Their scales malted and grew unevenly, their backs slightly bent and mutated. Their teeth and claws were jagged.

Second Generation[]

Close to perfection, fine leathery scales in a multitude of colors. Their heads looked more dragon-like than their predecessors. Long claws and sharp even teeth.



On his way to try and become a Dragon, Dregoth the Dread King decided to create a race of creatures in his own image, having shed his human form for a humanoid dragon one. There are two generations of Dray that were created directly by Dregoth. The first generation were scattered to the winds with the destruction of Giustenal or banished by Dregoth upon his resurrection. 

Kalin riders are the Templars of Dregoth.