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The Cerulean Storm, born of magic and nourished by its connection to the imprisoned essences of Rajaat the First Sorcerer and Tithian of Tyr, isn’t just an elemental force.

 This deadly tempest is fueled by the First Sorcerer’s bond with elemental water and by the anger and frustration of Tithian. Part of Tithian’s consciousness can emerge into the storm itself, where his rage and pain are made manifest in the pounding rain, gale force winds, and deadly lightning that swirl within the never-ending storm.

Both the power of the Cerulean Storm itself and its offshoots, the smaller Tyr-Storms, are useful to Cerulean Wizards.


Spinning off from the Cerulean Storm are lesser tempests known as Tyr-Storms. These rush across the Tyr Region gaining power and intensity until they burst, assaulting an area with pelting hail, torrents of rain, furious winds, and lethal bolts of lightning. Tyr-storms form and approach quite rapidly, often giving those in their path little time to prepare or seek cover.

Cerulean Wizards[]

Cerulean Wizards draw upon the storm’s spirit rather than its elemental nature. Because of the destructive force of Cerulean Magic, most ceruleans are Defilers.


The Cerulean Storm is a recent phenomenon on Athas. Formed in the Year of Friend’s Agitation of the 190th King’s Age (Free Year 10 according to the Tyr Calendar) when King Tithian of Tyr attempted to free Rajaat the First Sorcerer, the storm covers what was once the Valley of Dust and Fire in the Sea of Silt. Tithian was caught and imprisoned in the Black when Rajaat was forced to return to the Hollow (see the History of Magic).