Athas, like all the worlds of the multiverse, changes with the passage of time. And, like all worlds inhabited by Humans, time is marked by the occurrence of great events. Here is a chronicle of great events and the changes wrought by time's relentless passage.

History is rare in a world without seasons, in a world where the past remains as hidden and mysterious as the depths of the Sea of Silt.


The Timeline[edit | edit source]

Two methods for reckoning time are used across Athas. The first method is the High Calendar, used by the merchant houses and most Templars in the Tyr Region. It was originally called the Calendar of Tyr, but the city-state has officially abandoned it since overthrowing Kalak. All of the dates shown are for years in the 190th King's Age.

The second method (listed parenthetically) is the Calendar of Free Tyr, which was instituted by Tyrian Council of Advisers shortly after Sorcerer-King Kalak's death. This calendar hasn't gained widespread acceptance as of yet, but it is being used by Tyr's nobles and artisan guilds.

1st World's Age. Blue Age (-14.578)[edit | edit source]

  • Ral's Fury: Creation of the King's Age calendar by the Nature-Masters based on the rotation of Athas's two moons. Originally titled "World's Age." Original calendar uses "Ocean" instead of "Silt," and "Island" instead of "Desert."

4th World's Age (-14.272)[edit | edit source]

  • Ocean's Slumber: Discovery of the Nature-Benders, corrupt nature-masters who experiment with life in immoral ways.
  • Enemy's Reverence: Evil Elemental Clerics form an alliance with the Nature-Benders.

7th World's Age (-14.103)[edit | edit source]

8th World's Age. The Rebirth (-14.028)[edit | edit source]

  • Friend's Reverence: Surviving Nature-Masters create the Pristine Tower to destroy the Brown Tide. This action changes the Sun from blue to yellow, destroying the Halfling civilization and bringing about The Rebirth.
  • Guthay's Agitation: First use of psionic powers by the races of The Rebirth.

9th King's Age (-13.918)[edit | edit source]

  • Ral's Fury: "World's Age" changed to "King's Age" by the rules of various cities. Dates remain the same.
  • Ral's Vengeance: First reported sighting of the Messenger by a Tyrian astronomer. The comet appears every 45 years until the 190th King's Age/Enemy's Slumber when the cycle is mysteriously broken.

11th King's Age (-13.766)[edit | edit source]

55th King's Age (-10.387)[edit | edit source]

  • Ral's Reverence: The Thri-kreen of Athas, a previously thought unintelligent race, migrate from the Crimson Savanna to the Tyr Region. Though short-lived and alien in appearance, the Thri-kreen possess great wisdom and insight. The current king of Tyr welcomes them with open arms. They give no reason for the migration.

66th King's Age (-9.569 to -9.549)[edit | edit source]

  • Wind's Defiance (-9.659): Mareet, ruler of Saragar, is visited by a time-traveler from the future. He tells the king an appending doom to Athas before disappearing. Obsessed with the warning, Mareet orders his most powerful psionicists to breach the time stream and determine the nature of the warning. They are later joined by a third psionicist.
  • Desert's Slumber (-9.459): The psionicists breach the time barrier and learn of the impending Cleansing Wars, Rajaat, and Defiling Magic. Mareet wants to warn all of Athas, but the psionicists disagree and take control of their leader. The three use their formidable powers to shield Saragar from the rest of the world. The Mind Lords are born.

78th King's Age (-8.604)[edit | edit source]

  • Friend's Slumber: Current ruler of Urik persecutes the Thri-kreen and orders the death of all their kind in the city. Many thri-kreen across the land leave the cities to live in the wild. Migration of Thri-kreen from the west comes to a halt.

81st King's Age (-8.377)[edit | edit source]

  • Silt's Agitation: Rajaat arrives at the base of the Jagged Cliffs where he conduits experiments with the powers of life for the next 200 years.

84th King's Age. Time of Magic (-8.169)[edit | edit source]

  • King's Defiance: After nearly two centuries of experiments Rajaat discovers the basics of magic, but is nearly killed in the process. After recovering he leaves the Jagged Cliffs and travels to the Pristine Tower to refine the magic process, creating Defiling Magic and Preserving Magic. The Time of Magic begins.

87th King's Age (-7.890)[edit | edit source]

  • Ral's Slumber: An unknown disaster befalls the city of Celik, which casts it into ruins. Survivors blame the ordeal on the reckless use of psionics.

123rd King's Age (-5.114)[edit | edit source]

125th King's Age (-4.976)[edit | edit source]

  • Guthay's Reverence: After three eons of study, Rajaat emerges from the Pristine Tower to teach magic to The Rebirth races. He teaches Preserving Magic openly, and Defiling Magic in secret to those of "questionable" character. For the next 1,500 years Rajaat studies how magic interacts with The Rebirth races, and decides that humans have the most potential of all to suit his needs.

134th King's Age (-4.275)[edit | edit source]

  • King's Agitation: Rajaat begins a jihad against the Preservers of Athas for the next thousand years. Preservers across the land go into hiding while fighting a losing battle against the followers of Rajaat.

144th King's Age. The Cleansing Wars (-3.531)[edit | edit source]

  • Priest's Contemplation: Rajaat sends all but a few of his students away. Using the power of the Pristine Tower and the mysterious Dark Lens Rajaat creates his Champions. Each Champion is ordered to eliminate one specific race from the face of Athas in an effort to bring about the return of the Blue Age. The Cleansing Wars begin.

147th King's Age (-3.263)[edit | edit source]

155th King's Age (-2.709 to -2.654)[edit | edit source]

156th King's Age (-2.642)[edit | edit source]

160th King's Age (-2.303 to -2.263)[edit | edit source]

  • Wind's Fury (-2.265): The great cities of Ebe, Waverly, and Arala are swallowed by the expanding Silt Sea, though later it recedes from Waverly. The nearby city of Bodach is spared, but becomes surrounded by silt.
  • Mountain's Vengeance (-2.263): The warlord Irikos, the left hand of Rajaat, sacks the city of Bodach but is killed at the conclusion of the battle. His sword (a creation of Rajaat's), the Silencer, is lost for 2,000 years.

161st King's Age. The Dead Lands (-2.258 to -2.217)[edit | edit source]

  • Ral's Fury (-2.258): Infuriated at her lack of progress, Rajaat turns research of the Inner Planes over to Qwith's subordinates. Shortly after an accident of unknown origins opens a gate to the Inner Planes, and obsidian flows across the land for hundreds of miles in each direction until the gate is closed by the Seventh Tree. Thousands die in the disaster. Those killed by obsidian rise as undead through a mysterious power from the Inner Planes. Rajaat's servants arise as the rulers of this land, becoming powerful thinking undead wizards and psionicists. The Dead Lands are born.
  • Silt's Agitation (-2.217): All life across the Obsidian Plain is obliterated except for the Seventh Tree, which becomes immune to defiling magic. Soon after the undead defiler Gretch discovers necromantic magic to replace the loss of defiling magic. Necromancer magic is born.

162nd King's Age (-2.169 to -2.122)[edit | edit source]

163rd King's Age (-2.053)[edit | edit source]

164th King's Age (-2.026 to -1.971)[edit | edit source]

  • Desert Vengeance (-2.025): Rkard, the last Dwarven king of Kemalok, is slain by Borys of Ebe in mortal combat-though Borys himself is gravely injured. The Champion's attendants spirit him from the battlefield leaving his sword, the Scourge, still buried in the Dwarf's chest. Before he can retrieve the sword, Hamanu tells Borys of Rajaat's true plans for Athas. Becoming aware that Rajaat intends to wipe out all races except the Halflings, Borys leads the Champions in a rebellion against their master-from which they emerged victorious. Rajaat's Halfling servants are banished to the Black as punishment for siding with the War-Bringer. Despite their power, the children of Rajaat cannot destroy his mortal remains. Instead, Gallard separates the First Sorcerer's essence from his physical form, placing each in a separate location. Aided by the power of the Dark Lens, Gallard creates the Hollow, where he placed Rajaat's essence. Gallard then creates a cyst of enchanted stone called the Black Sphere in which he places Rajaat's substance. He then hides the Black Sphere in a location known only to him and Borys of Ebe. Sacha and Wyan, who remained loyal to their master, attempted to breach the cyst before it is hidden away. Their plan is discovered and they are beheaded by Borys. Through the use of the Dark Lens, Borys rewards the remaining Champions by beginning their transformations into sorcerer-kings. This process links each of them to living vortices, which allows them to grant their followers clerical spells. The Champions realize that Rajaat's prison will not hold. Even segmented, Rajaat's power is supreme and he would one day be free. Hence, the Champions once again used the Dark Lens to transform Borys into the Dragon, whose power would keep Rajaat imprisoned for all time. Borys's transformation causes him to become temporarily insane, beginning a century of rampages across the land. In the confusion, two dwarven knights named Jor'orsh and Sa'ram steal the Dark Lens. The remaining sorcerer-kings each claim a city of Athas and barricade it from the rampaging Dragon.

165th King's Age (-1.946)[edit | edit source]

  • Wind's Defiance: Borys emerges from his insanity and learns Rajaat's prison is on the verge of collapse. Soon after he collects a levy of 1,000 slaves from each Sorcerer-King, using their lifeforce to reseal the First Sorcerer's prison on a yearly basis.

167th King's Age (-1.776 to -1.741)[edit | edit source]

  • Ral's Agitation (-1.741): In an attempt to increase her power, Sielba, Queen of Yaramuke attacks Urik. Hamanu easily defeats her army and personally slays the Sorcerer-Queen. On the heels of victory, Urik's army sacks Yaramuke and burns the city to the ground. To appease the Dragon's wrath for killing a Sorcerer-Queen, Hamanu presents Borys with a levy of Yaramuke's riches-which pleases the beast and spares Urik.
  • Silt's Defiance (-1.722): Borys uses the booty gained from Yaramuke to build Ur Draxa, which becomes the greatest city on all of Athas. At the center of the city Borys places the Black Sphere for him and his city to protect.
  • Enemy's Reverence (-1.776): The Sorcerer-Kings call for a jihad against the Druids of Athas. For the next three centuries the blood of Druids across the land stains the sands red in what would be known as the Eradication.

168th King's Age (-1.684 to -1.652)[edit | edit source]

  • Desert's Fury (-1.684): After years of study Dregoth finally deciphers Halfling records found in the caverns beneath Giustenal. The end result is the creation of the first generation Dray, which Dregoth deems a failure and banishes to Kragmorta.
  • Friend's Defiance (-1.652): The Thri-kreen prophet Ka'Cha begins the first of several journeys across the Tablelands to spread the word of peace and enlightenment to the Thri-kreen, as well as other races.
  • Guthay's Agitation (-1.698): After several more failures Dregoth succeeds in his experiments, and the second generation of Dray are created in his own image.

170th King's Age (-1.555 to -1.506)[edit | edit source]

  • Guthay's Slumber (-1.555): Dregoth, Ravager of Giants, discovers the Planar Gate. After a decade of research, he uses the device to travel the Outer Planes of existence for the next 19 centuries.
  • Wind's Slumber (-1.506): After being nearly wiped from the face of Athas, the remaining Druids of the land go into hiding for the next 1.000 years to a secret location in the Forest Ridge.

171st King's Age (-1.469)[edit | edit source]

  • Silt's Reverence: Daskinor Goblin Death slips into insanity following this year's levy, and builds an army to slay the Dragon upon his return the following year. Borys learns of his plot, and not needing the levy to maintain Rajaat's prison never returns. Keltis, Lizard Man Executioner, has an attack of conscience and denounces being a Sorcerer-King. Over the next centuries he strives to become something more noble. Because of the actions of nearby Daskinor, Borys never returns to Kurn and both cities become isolated from the rest of Athas.

174th King's Age (-1.228)[edit | edit source]

  • King's Contemplation: In an effort to increase his power, Kalid-Ma attempts to further his Dragon Metamorphosis to a power near that of Borys of Ebe. The attempt is successful, but his mind is destroyed in the process. The dragon that was Kalid-Ma destroys his city of Kalidnay and begins to move into the rest of the Tyr region. The creature is later slain by the combined efforts of Borys of Ebe, Kalak of Tyr, and Hamanu of Urik. With the loss of Kalidnay, the levy to keep Rajaat imprisoned becomes a firm 1,000 slaves from the seven remaining sorcerer-kings.

177th King's Age (-972)[edit | edit source]

  • Guthay's Reverence: A powerful Druid named Tehnik creates the four artifacts known as the Hearts of the Drake, and dies in the process.

179th King's Age (-798)[edit | edit source]

  • Silt's Defiance: Tarandas of Raam, a powerful psionicist and teacher throughout the Tyr Region, disappears without a trace. Her students insist she has ventured beyond her mastery of the Way into realms unseen by lesser beings.

183rd King's Age (-543)[edit | edit source]

  • Guthay's Fury: With the aid of a wizard named Besteren, Oronis (formerly known as Keltis) develops the preserver metamorphosis spell to counter Rajaat's vile magic. The spell nearly kills him, but in the end Oronis emerges as Athas's first avangion.

184th King's Age (-480 to -417)[edit | edit source]

  • Wind's Fury (-417): After revealing himself to the Veiled Alliance of Tyr, Nerad is discovered by King Kalak -who in turn contacts the Dragon. Borys later kills Nerad at south of Tyr. In his grief, Oronis hides all copies of the Preserver Metamorphosis Spell.

187th King's Age (-212)[edit | edit source]

  • Ral's Vengeance: The Silencer of Bodach is uncovered by an Elf named Rimmon in the ruins of Bodach, who uses its power to lead her bandit tribe against the city-state of Balic. She is easily defeated by Andropinis, but the Silencer is again lost.

189th King's Age (-85 to -40)[edit | edit source]

  • Mountain's Slumber (-85): The Obsidian Man is discovered in the mines of Urik. After returning the artifact to Urik, the sinister device activates and nearly kills Hamanu before he learns to control it with a golden circlet.
  • King's Defiance (-84): An unnamed psionicist discovers the presence of the Psurlons, a powerful psionic race of worm-like creatures, on the Astral Plane. With their own world being destroyed a millennia before, a few Psurlons migrate to Athas where the psionic nature of the world makes them potent enemies.
  • Enemy's Agitation (-82): The Scorcher is recovered from the belly of a silt horror by an ex-gladiator named Vorr. Soon after Vorr disappears in the Valley of Trevain.
  • King's Agitation (-40): Andropinis of Balic fails to come up with 1.000 slaves for the year's levy, presenting the Dragon with only 900. In his anger Borys levels a portion of the city and takes the remainder levy from among Andropinis' templars. For the next several years the Sorcerer-King of Balic does extensive slave raids across the southern Tablelands to rebuild his slave population so this would never happen again.

190th King's Age (-2 to -1)[edit | edit source]

  • Friend's Vengeance (-2): A Templar of Urik removes the golden circlet from the head of the Obsidian Man, which animates and kills him. The artifact is later traced through the streets of Urik, but disappears into the desert.
  • Desert's Slumber (-1): After years of investigation into the death of Nerad, a Preserver/Psionicist named Korgunard learns of Oronis of Kurn. Though reluctant to have another death on his hands, Oronis gives him the Preserver the Metamorphosis Spell-but does not allow him to retain a copy.

Free Year 1[edit | edit source]

Free Year 2[edit | edit source]

Free Year 3[edit | edit source]

Free Year 4[edit | edit source]

  • Mountain's Fury: The quest for the Dark Lens begins. The ancient artifact the Psionatrix is activated by the Order, a powerful organization of psionic purists, nullifying psionics across the Tablelands and causing Thri-kreen race be driven into an insane frenzy. The Avangion Korgunard is slain while trying to convince members of the Order to deactivate the Psionatrix. One of the members, a Halfling named Pakk, consumes the Avangion's remains. Deep within the recesses of the Dragon's Crown, the Psionatrix is deactivated and several members of the Order are slain. The remains of the artifact mysteriously disappear.
  • See Dragon's Crown adventure.

Free Year 5[edit | edit source]

Free Year 6[edit | edit source]

Free Year 7[edit | edit source]

  • Enemy's Slumber: The comet known as the Messenger fails to appear at the prescribe time, and many across the Tablelands take it as a sign of a forthcoming doom.

Free Year 9[edit | edit source]

  • Ral's Reverence: Armed with information stolen from the Dwarves of Kled, Tithian learned of the location of the hidden Dark Lens -with which he could become a Sorcerer-King. Agis of Asticles catched up with him and reluctantly aided him in his quest. After the pair retrieve the Dark Lens, Tithian killed Agis.

Free Year 10. Era of Heroes[edit | edit source]

  • Friend's Agitation: Dregoth returns to New Giustenal from the Outer Planes with aspirations of becoming a god. Unsure of the condition of Athas he sends his Templars to the surface to learn the state of the Tyr Region, learning too late the events that lead to the death of several fellow Champions. Sadira kills Abalach-Re with the broken tip of the Scourge of Rkard on the Ivory Plain. The Sorcerer-Queen's body is completely consumed by a black ooze leaking from the broken tip. Rikus of Tyr breaks the Scourge of Rkard a second time, this time in the snout of the Dragon. The sword again issues forth a black ichor that completely consumes Borys of Ebe. Tithian uses the Dark Lens to free Rajaat's substance from the Black Sphere, causing his essence to also be released from the Hollow. After 2.000 years of imprisonment the First Sorcerer is once again free. The result of escaping his prison destroys much of Ur Draxa in a grand explosion. In the ruins of Ur Draxa, Rajaat battles his former Champions. Rajaat imprisons Andropinis of Balic in the Black Sphere, then grabs the Dark Lens from Tectuktitlay of Draj and crushes the Sorcerer-King's skull. The remaining Champions scatter while Sadira steals the Dark Lens and heads for the Ring of Fire. Sadira of Tyr discovers that the key to Rajaat's defeat is his shadow, which gives him substance. Using the Dark Lens, the young Rkard casts a Sun Spell it magnifying its power ten-fold. The resulting brilliance obliterates Rajaat's shadow and sends his essence back to the Hollow, while his body is boiled away by the heat of the spell. Having been in contact with the Dark Lens as Rkard cast his spell, Tithian becomes mystically connected to the Black Sphere and Rajaat's elemental nature. The result is Tithian becoming the Cerulean Storm. The storm covers what was once the Valley of Dust and Fire in the Sea of SiltSadira tosses the Dark Lens and the Scourge into the Ring of Fire, placing powerful wards around it so that no one can obtain the artifact and once again free the First Sorcerer. As Rkard's spell lights up the sky, a great earthquake rocks the Tyr Region. The full force of the quake is centered west of the Tablelands beyond the Ringing Mountains. The resulting quake creates the Great Rift, a passage leading to the Crimson Savannah of the Kreen Empire.
  • The Dragon of Tyr is gone, his evil scattered on the scalding winds. Torrential rains fall over the Sea of Silt, spinning off deadly storms that can strike anywhere in the Tablelands with only a moment's notice.
  • Violent upheaval rocks the city-states of Raam, Draj and Balic after the deaths of their Sorcerer-Kings. A new age has dawned on Athas.

Free Year 11[edit | edit source]

Free Year 12. The Coruscation[edit | edit source]

  • Priest's Contemplation: After leaving the Jagged Cliffs, the Wanderer travels north and learns of the Last Sea. There he discovers the bizarre land of the Mind Lords. The Coruscation begins, the Day of Light prophesied by the Dray when the blood of a thousand unbelievers runs in rivers at the feet of Dregoth. This sign is to bring about the coming of a new age where Dregoth is supreme.

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