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The Brown Silt Horror is a very feared form of Silt Horror, since it can force its victims to come to it. It is not actually brown, its skin is more of a dirty white color. Against the pearly silt, the tentacles flailing in the air often appear brown.


2nd Edition[]

  • Frecuency: Very Rare.
  • Organization: Solitary.
  • Intelligence: 2-3 (Semi).
  • Treasure: Nil.
  • No. Appearing: 1.
  • Armor Class: 7.
  • Movement: 3, Sw 9.
  • Hit Dice: 9.
  • THAC0: 11.
  • No. Attacks: 8.
  • Damage/Attack: 1-6 (1d6) (x8).
  • Special Attacks: Constriction.
  • Special Defenses: Air Jet.
  • Magic Resistance: Nil.
  • Morale: Very Steady (12-13).
  • XP Value: 5.000 xp.


The Brown Silt Horror is a solitary creature, found only in the silt. It is the most active of the Silt Horrors, ranging far in search of food. A Brown Silt Horror lives about 45 years, and must eat at least once a month. Brown Silt Horrors are actually the products of cross breeding between the White Silt Horror and Grey Silt Horror.


The Brown Silt Horror is always hungry. It even attacks other Silt Horrors. It always attempts to dominate other horrors, being smaller and unable to stand up to the larger horrors in physical combat. The Brown Silt Horror has no natural enemies except the other horrors. It can be eaten, but the few Desert Giants who have tried it said that the taste left much to be desired.

Any severed tentacles take two weeks to grow back, each.


The Brown Silt Horror lies in wait beneath the silt, like all varieties of Silt Horror. Its unique features include using precognition to determine the strength of the opposition, and the best time to attack. If it senses that the opponent is too strong for it, it tries to use its domination power to take over the victim.  The brown horror is blind and deaf, so it uses its ability to feel sound and light to sense its prey. A Brown Silt Horror always has at least one tentacle just a fraction below the surface. It uses this 'sensing tentacle' to find out what is going on around it.

When it attacks, it attempts to grasp an opponent with its tentacles and drag them below the silt. Resisting assumes that the victim has somewhere to get a firm footing, or is anchored to something.

Severing 4 or more tentacles causes it to flee, if able

2nd Edition[]

A hit causes 1d6 points of damage, and if it exceeds the attack roll by four or more, the opponent has been grabbed. Grabbing an opponent causes 1d6 points of damage each successive round, and the victim must make a Strength roll or be pulled under the surface.

Victims pulled under the silt suffocate as here: If the victim is held, he suffers an additional 1d6 each succeeding round (as White Silt Horror). Creatures with a 19 Strength may pull free by making a successful Bend Bars roll, although this is the only action allowed that round.

Each tentacle takes 8 points of damage before being destroyed. Tentacle damage does not count towards the total hit points of the creature.

  • Air Jet: It moves by jetting out a large gust of air, sliding itself backwards through the silt at a rate of 50 yards per round. This also raises a small cloud of silt, making it almost impossible to follow, at least for those using sight.

On the round after fleeing, the horror is completely hidden under the silt, and those who want to finish it off had better be able to fight under the silt.

Psionics Summary[]

2nd Edition[]

Level Dis/Sci/Dev Attack/Defense Score PSPs
2 2/2/4 -- /M- 12 54
  • Clairsentience — Sciences: precognition; Disciplines: feel sound, feel light.
  • Telepathy — Sciences: domination; Disciplines: contact, mind blank.