Dark Sun Wiki

Belt of Rank[]

Price: Major artifact

Body Slot: Waist

Caster Level: 21st

Aura: Overwhelming; (DC 25) enchantment


Weight: 1 lb.

This girdle is constructed of hardened leather inlaid gold, silver, and precious gems. The belt’s buckle is with the skull of a fierce half-man in the center of a field of flames. The Belt of Rank is an ancient symbol of the people, a sign of their once great heritage before Cleansing Wars devastated their race. This ancient was created by Dwarven clerics 4,000 years ago to worn by the leader of the Dwarven armies—generals great charisma and skill who were sworn to protect Dwarven race. The artifact was passed from general to general the centuries, finally being given to the Dwarven Rkard to use in defense of his race in the face of Cleansing Wars. Rkard was fatally wounded in battle Borys of Ebe, and the Belt of Rank was buried with him the city of Kemalok. Recently, it was given to the gladiator Rikus of Tyr to assist him in retrieving the Book of Kemalok Kings and defeating an approaching from Urik. Though the army was overcome, Rikus unable to reclaim the book. Ashamed of this, the returned the Belt of Rank to the dwarves of Kled, where remains hidden to this day, waiting for the day when dwarf general worthy of it will reclaim it once again.

The Belt of Rank will fit any Medium creature. Halfgiants are too big and most halflings too small to wear artifact as the item does not magically adjust to fit wearer. If you are a dwarf, you receive a +8 bonus on Charisma checks and Charisma –based checks when dealing with other dwarves. If you are not dwarf, you receive a +4 competence bonus on checks and Charisma–based skill checks when with dwarves. The belt provides you with a continual freedom movement, greater heroism, and protection from arrows (all mundane missiles fired at you unerringly strike artifact’s buckle ).If you are a dwarf, and you succeed a Charisma check (DC 20), you can access the experience and knowledge of more than 40 centuries Dwarven kings.

You receive a +20 bonus on Knowledge (history) checks related to dwarves and bonus on Knowledge (warcraft) Should the Belt of Rank be pilfered and worn, all dwarves viewing the artifact will know it stolen and do whatever they can to retrieve it. Should possessor of the Belt of Rank ever unjustly take the life of dwarf, the artifact will constrict to a diameter of inches—effectively crushing the wearer to death. creature so affected is immediately reduced to -1 points (no save) and is

The Belt will be destroyed if it is ever submerged the blood of a hundred murdered dwarves.