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Antloid warrens will generally have only one queen. Queens have fat, bloated bodies and serve only one purpose in the warrento lay eggs. Red to apricot in color, the queen lives in the deepest defendable part of the warren, where she lays 10-20 eggs a week. The eggs are cared for by sterile workers. Of the four different antloid types hatched, 80% are workers, 15% soldiers, 4% dynamis, and 1% queens. Any time the dynamis feel there are too many of any one type, they will order the eggs used as food rather than letting them mature. This keeps the warren from overpopulating and assures the proper balance among the species. The queen is always attended by young, immature queens.

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Workers bodies have three, easily-defined, sapphire-blue segments: head, torso, and a metasoma segment. Workers spend their lives doing specific jobs: carrying water, carrying foodstuffs, caring for their queen, repairing or continuing construction on the warren, etc. Workers are the strongest of the antloids with almost giant-like strength. Their mandibles are designed for lifting and carrying rather than combat. Workers only fight if something tries to take away whatever they are carrying or the queen is threatened.

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These antloids have a dark blue-green-grey exoskeleton. Longer and sleeker than workers, soldiers also have a poison attack. There are two types of soldier antloids: infantry and archers. The infantry antloid has a 17 gaster stinger located at the rear tip of its metasoma segment. The archer antloid does not have a stinger, but rather a poison gland that can shoot a thin stream of the same deadly poison.

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These are the strangest and most deadly of the antloids. Their exoskeleton is grey-black in color. They have a greatly enlarged center body segment, a small head, and a vestigial metasoma segment. Dynamis bodies house large brains, which give this species its intellect and psionic abilities. They will always use psionic attacks first and melee as a last resort.



Whether occupied or not, great caution should be taken whenever entering an antloid warren. Abandoned warrens seldom offer safe haven for desert travelers since dangerous desert dwellers tend to take refuge in the unoccupied labyrinth as well. Because of the constantly changing desert sands, a warren is in constant danger of collapsing. Water can be found in the deepest part of an abandoned warren 15% of the time, but it, too, is often guarded by some new inhabitant.




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