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Sorcerer King of Balic .


8th Champion of Rajaat, originally known as Albeorn of Dunswich "Slayer of Elves". His cleansing of the elves was unsuccessful.

In order to keep his population complacent he created the story that he was elected to be Sorcerer-King of Balic, with no term limit decided. His templars are all elected by the public, those that he dislikes usually disappear.

The Obsidian Oracle[]

Tithian visited Andropinis when questing for the Dark Lens in order to get the assistance of the Balican fleet. The Sorcerer-King was accepting gifts from his Patricians; all of whom were blind, deaf, and mute forced to use the Way to communicate. During the visit Tithian was offended by one of Andropinis's high templars, as punishment Andropinis made him a Patrician by way of mutilating him.

During the fight with Rajaat, upon his return, Rajaat imprisons Andropinus with a spell, just before killing Tectuktitlay.

Androponis returned from his prison, and is mentioned in Dungeon magazine 110 as being more aloof and no longer in power in Balic.


One of the more pompous Sorcerer-Kings.

Odd for defilers, Andropinis uses primal powers to help strengthen Balic. 

Tools and Equipment[]

  • Black shield - A magic shield that is strong enough to block the Scourge of Rkard, which can usually cut through anything.


A powerful Psionicist, the Sorcerer-King is also an accomplished fighter. He has blinded, deafen, and turned his Patricians mute with magic.



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