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In the wastelands east of the Mekillot Mountains

blooms a desert rose. The village of Alador was founded by a

templar who in a rare moment of insight discovered compassion

for those who toiled under him. Those slaves he freed have

created a new life for themselves in Alador.


Alador is a slave village founded about eight years

before the downfall of Kalak. The founder, a formerly ruthless

Tyr templar named Micayon, was charged with the task of

transporting a caravan of slaves from Balic to Tyr for the

construction of Kalak’s great ziggurat.

Leading a routine reconnaissance patrol, Micayon

stumbled across a half-dozen ruined merchant wagons.

Investigating further, Micayon discovered an unusually large

band of belgoi responsible for the attack. They were holding

the survivors as prisoners. Thinking to add the prisoners to his

slave caravan, Micayon ambushed the belgoi while they were

preoccupied, arguing over how to divide a small human baby for

the evening meal. The battle was fought over the child’s

hoarse, pathetic cries.

The belgoi defeated, Micayon picked up the infant

and its crying stopped. The baby fixed its eyes on the templar

and suddenly Micayon’s wild talent, Empathy, awakened. He

felt a flood of emotion from the infant. Intense love…for him.

Micayon’s mind reeled from the impact. When he

returned to the caravan, he was assaulted by the misery and

hatred of the slaves. He wanted this torrent of emotion to stop.

One way he knew how to stop it was to end their suffering, by

freeing the slaves.

Micayon led a slave revolt against the other templars

and guards of the caravan and diverted his caravan far from

Tyr. The templar settled the slaves at the base of a tall, isolated

plateau where he discovered an oasis that was nearly invisible

from a distance.

The village has grown from the original 168 slaves to a

current population numbering over 300 individuals. Almost

half of these are under the age of 20 and are children of the

original slaves.


The major part of the village is positioned in the

shade of an enormous and jagged outcrop of stone that juts out

of the desert sands. This outcrop of stone is located roughly 30

miles east of Gulg where the stony barrens meets the rocky

badlands, about 10 miles away from the main road from

Altaruk to Gulg.

The top of the outcropping is level and can easily

hold several hundred people. From a bird’s eye view, this

“plateau” is bean-shaped. It slightly hugs around the oasis.

Due to this position, Alador receives only half the usual amount

of sunlight during the day. In addition, the environment is

always cool and the wind calm since the outcrop shields the

village from winds and sandstorms.

The oasis can comfortably support a population of

about 800-900 people. As the population increases, the

villagers construct buildings of adobe that scale the side of the

plateau, and that are accessible through a system of ladders.

Among the places of interest are the Desert Rose,

which serves as the inn and general store. Loralune’s Medicines

Charms & Trinkets is run by the chief midwife and medicine

woman. The Ten Blades is the village’s finest weapons and

armor store. ‘Zana’s Livestock raises erdlu, pack animals,

mounts, and war mounts. Finally, at the top of the plateau, the

village maintains a sentry post where the sun priest, Sol Hokat,

keeps his shrine.


A council of former slaves headed by Micayon

governs Alador. Meetings are chaotic affairs and usually

degenerate into loud arguments. All meetings are conducted

in the village tavern, the Desert Rose. All villagers are free to

attend and participate.

When Alador is attacked, the villagers defend

themselves at the walls built around the oasis. If that fails, they

will gather all the supplies possible and ascend the plateau to

make a stand.

Outside Relations

The village is somewhat isolated. It doesn’t hide its

existence, but neither does it encourage visitors. Outsiders are

allowed to pass through and stay for a short while, but they are

never allowed to settle permanently, not even escaped slaves.

Only in special cases, such as marriage, are outsiders allowed to

remain. The village may also invite outsiders with special

needed skills to live there.

Woods and skins are imported from Gulg, obsidian

from Urik, small amounts of iron from Tyr, and diverse

foodstuffs from several locations, mostly Altaruk. The main

exports include clay bricks, surplus food, sculpted figurines,

fetishes, and most importantly, weapons fashioned from the

imported materials.

Over the past five years, Alador has become a

clandestine weapons market. Outlaw groups that may not be

able to openly purchase large quantities of weapons in the citystates

can purchase them here; no questions asked. These

include raiders, slaves, thri-kreen, numerous elven tribes, gith,

and sometimes the Veiled Alliance. They also cater to

legitimate concerns (such as merchant houses) that do not wish

to draw attention to the fact that they are stockpiling weapons.

A third of the population is trained in weaponsmithing and


At any given time, several agents or personalities

(sometimes in disguise) from various groups and city-states may

be in Alador with their bodyguards. Templars and warriors

who are in the market for quality weapons may also be here.

The floating population typically numbers around 40-50

people. Woe to any defiler who sneaks inside. If caught,

defilers (and preservers) are executed.

Having suffered from lightning fast raids in the past,

the village requires all able-bodied adults to carry weapons and

train regularly in the militia. Primary dangers to Alador are

ironically potential customers: raiders. Humans, gith, elves,

thri-kreen and giants have all attacked the village in its weaker,

early history. Alador immediately ceases trade with any groups

that attack it. Raiders will discover that their rivals receive

excellent weapon deals. Consequently, the number of raids is

steadily declining.

Important Residents


Human Male Templar, Lawful Neutral

AC 5 (hide armor, shield) Str 15

Movement 12 Dex 10

Level 10 Con 16

Hit Points 53 Int 16

THAC0 15 (16 Light crossbow) Wis 18

No. of Attacks 1 Cha 14

Damage/Attack: 1d8-1/ 1d12-1 (Bone long sword), 1d4-1/

1d4 –1 (Obsidian-tipped quarrels)

Psionic Summary: PSPs 63, Wild Talent: Empathy

Power Score—18

Attack/ Defense Modes: none / MB, IF, TW


Micayon is 54 years old. He stands 6’3” tall with

graying black hair, and steel-gray eyes. His beard and

mustache are always well groomed and he affords the best

clothing his income allows. Micayon looks back on his templar

years with nostalgia. He is very much a man of creature

comforts with a taste for wielding power. He keeps his Tyr

templar uniform and armor in good repair.

Micayon struggles with a habit of assuming authority

and is uncomfortable in the freewheeling governmental style of

Alador. The other villagers view him with amusement; a

bureaucrat forced to be a commoner. He is highly arrogant, but

principled and cultured.

Being the one of the handful of villagers who can read

and write , he is the primary negotiator for the village. He also

performs the same functions for Alador that he performed in

Tyr: an administrator and an accountant.


Female Half-Elf Level Preserver/ Bard, Neutral Good

AC 2 (Armor Spell, Dexterity) Str 13

Movement 12 Dex 18

Level 7/ 8 Con 13

Hit Points 27 Int 19

THAC0 15 Wis 15

No. of Attacks 3 Cha 16

Damage/Attack: 1d3-1/ 1d2-1 (Bone darts)*

Psionic Summary:


Wizard Spells (4/3/2/1)

  • Coated with Type E Poison, Death/20

Zamora is a middle-aged woman about 44 years old.

She stands 5’9” tall with black hair and violet eyes. She is the

innkeeper of the Desert Rose, a rather large tavern and inn

(often the whole village will congregate there). She maintains a

general store off to the side of the Rose and serves on the village


A former slave, she had been arrested for being a

witch, and was sold to Micayon to be used as slave labor on the

Tyrean Ziggurat. Despite her good standing, if the village folk

ever discovered she was a mage, she could be chased out by a

mob. Some villagers suspect her, such as Loralune. Micayon

keeps her secret and quietly discourages the idea of her being a

mage if it ever comes up. She has no contacts with any Veiled


She enjoys singing for the villagers, telling stories, and

giving sweets to children; especially since this wins goodwill in

the village and on the council. Weekly dances are held at her

tavern. Zamora offers traveling minstrels free room and board

plus tips for every night they perform at her venue. She often

sits with them at the dinner table and exchanges stories.

She recently convinced the villagers to hire a

mindbender (a psionicist) to act as healer, diviner, advisor, and

to help train the militia wild talents. If the villagers find

someone suitable they will offer room, board, and a small


Zamora has three barmaids helping her. They are

Asterra, Charise, and the elf-maiden Nyneva. Nyneva serves

secretly as an apprentice.


Male Human,Lawful Good

AC 2 (Braxat Hide, Dex) Str 17

Movement 12 Dex 19

Level 0 Con 17

Hit Points 8 Int 15

THAC0 20 (18 w/ Short bow) Wis 14

No. of Attacks 1 (Bone long sword)/ Cha 14

2 (Short bow)

Damage/Attack: 1d8/ 1d12 (bone long sword), 1d6-1/ 1d6-1

(bone-tipped flight arrows)

Psionic Summary:


This is the infant that Micayon rescued from the

belgoi. He is a strong youth about 19 years old, brown hair,

black eyes. Mikastor is eager to leave the village and intends to

hire himself out to any good employer. He is militia trained,

but wishes to complete his training as one of the legendary

warriors of the waste (a ranger). So far, he has met no one

qualified to teach him.

Despite his youth, Mikastor is quite competent. He

can read, write, and perform mathematical calculations. He

can survive in the desert and locate water. He is quite capable

of serving as a weapons-bearer, or he can serve as a shield-bearer

to protect spellcasters and psionicists. If equipped with a polearm,

he can take occasional pokes at the enemy from behind the

melee line. Also, he can serve as a lookout, spotting new

approaching dangers whenever his companions are caught up in

an intense battle.


Male Dwarf Fighter Lawful Neutral

AC 3 (Rasclinn Hide, Armor Optimization) Str 21

Movement 6 Dex 12

Level 7 Con 20

Hit Points 87 Int 13

THAC0 10 Wis 16

No. of Attacks 2 Cha 8

Damage/Attack: 1d4+8/1d4+7 (steel war hammer)

Psionic Summary: PSPs 37, Wild Talent: Heightened Senses

Power Score—20

Attack/ Defense Modes: none / MB, MBk, TW


Lamorion is a middle-aged dwarf with a sharp tongue.

He stands 5’ tall and is quite dusky with coal black eyes.

He runs the Ten Blades for the village, manned by at

least 30 men and women aides. Lamorion has created a

comfortable life for his family here. He is the chief

weaponsmith, armorer, and bowyer/fletcher. He has trained

about a third of the villagers to help fulfill the contracts that

Micayon negotiates.

This dwarf was one of the most valuable slaves that

Micayon was carrying in the slave caravan to Tyr. Lamorion

hails from a long line of dwarven weaponsmith slaves. His focus

and passion is to develop new weapons. He can be hired to

create almost any unusual and uncommon weapons and armor

(such as from the Gladiator’s Handbook) all at premium prices

and only if the necessary materials are available.

Such is his skill that 1-2 weapons of quality can be

found in his store at any given time; usually made of bone, wood,

or obsidian. These weapons grant a +1 to hit OR to damage,

but not both. They sell for 2-5 times the normal price.

Lamorion can finish any weapon or armor project (but not a

weapon of quality) in half the time it takes anyone else. In

short, he is profoundly focused and is a master of his craft.

Lamorion is also extremely rude. He will miss no

opportunities to ridicule other people over their weapons and

armaments (“I’ve never seen such a piece of crap!”) unless he

crafted them personally, no matter what their actual quality,

even if they’re steel or magical.

Lamorion is polite only when he wants something.

What does he want? Lamorion loves to ask warriors to “try out”

his new weapons. (“Those monsters will never know what hit

‘em!”) Micayon has (wisely) declined all of the dwarf’s offers to

outfit the village militia with his “modern” weapons and this

frustrates Lamorion to no end. During council meetings,

Lamorion’s contribution when discussing any threat to the

village is always inevitably the same (“We need new


Almost without fail, he will approach visiting warriors.

Unfortunately, 90% of his new weapons tend to be impractical

and/or malfunction. Some are so bizarre that even gladiators

sometimes cannot figure out how to use them. In particular,

Lamorion wants to perfect his spring loaded spears tips and

sword blades that shoot off at the hilt guard. If only he can find

some warriors to try them out…

Lamorion is occasionally hired by psionicists and

templars who wish to empower weapons and armor. His skill is

more than adequate to help them. However, it depresses him if

he is asked to use his skills to make anything “normal” (“Hohum…

another sword and spear.”). He constantly pressures his

clients to apply their power to something “innovative.” Unless

he is under strict supervision, Lamorion occasionally takes

liberties with the projects of minor clients and builds

“improvements” into them without telling them.

Contracts for Lamorion’s personal work is constantly

back-ordered. He demands payment up front (for materials)

and some clients have to wait up to two years. Steel weapons of

quality can go up to 20 times the normal cost. It is rumored

that House Wavir wants him back badly.


Female Human Chaotic Neutral

AC 9 (Dexterity) Str 11

Movement 12 Dex 15

Level 0 Con 13

Hit Points 4 Int 15

THAC0 20 Wis 9

No. of Attacks 1 Cha 10

Damage/Attack: 1d4-1/ 1d3-1 (Bone dagger)

Psionic Summary:


Loralune runs Loralune’s Medicines, Charms, and

Trinkets. She is an old, crabby woman who serves as the local

herbalist, tailor, midwife, and fortuneteller. Her store carries a

wide array of herbs, curative medicines, salves, and clothing.

She is gossipy, jealous, and insecure. She will charge double

prices for those she dislikes. Currently on her bad side is

Zamora who recently convinced the village council to hire

someone professional as a healer (i.e. someone better than her).


Female Elf, Chaotic Good

AC 5 (Leather breastplate, Dexterity) Str 13

Movement 18 Dex 19

Level 0 Con 13

Hit Points 4 Int 16

THAC0 20 Wis 9

No. of Attacks 1 Cha 17

Damage/Attack: 1d6-1/ 1d8-1 (Bone short sword)

Psionic Summary:


Nyneva is a barmaid at the Desert Rose. The

Dragon destroyed Nyneva’s elf tribe two decades ago and she

was orphaned. Later, she was mysteriously found on Zamora’s

doorstep. The good-hearted half-elf woman adopted her.

Nyneva is now a beautiful maiden, who stands 5’10” with

amber hair and silver eyes. Now 20 years old, her elven blood

sings to her to wander the world and, like Mikastor, she is

getting desperate to leave the village.

Nyneva is Zamora’s secret apprentice, both in sorcery

and the thieving arts. In addition, her militia training has given

her excellent fighting skills. The time is fast approaching when

she will become a full-fledged fighter/ preserver/ thief. When

that time arrives, she will leave Alador.

She feels intimidated by elven tribes and is extremely

insecure as to how they might view her; an elf raised by

humans. She tends to go too far in trying to win their approval,

particularly elven males. She has yet to learn that most elves

simply don’t care about her or anyone else outside their tribe.

Only Zamora’s watchful eye prevents her from being

taken advantage of. The inn mistress deeply wishes that

Nyneva would display better judgement, but she realizes that

for some people the best teacher is the “school of hard knocks.”

Sol Hokat

Human Male Sun Priest Chaotic Neutral (Evil)

AC 2 (Braxat Hide, Dexterity) Str 15

Movement 12 Dex 17

Level 11 Con 16

Hit Points 59 Int 9

THAC0 15 Wis 18

No. of Attacks 1 Cha 9

Damage/Attack: 1d8-1/ 1d8-1 (Bone Scimitar)

Psionic Summary: PSPs 56; Wild Talent: Control Light

Power Score—9

Attack/ Defense Modes: none / TS, MBk, TW


Spells: (5/4/4/3/2/1); major sphere – sun *; minor sphere –


Granted Powers: Minor resistance to sun light, enhanced

saving throws (+2 vs. sun, heat, or fire), ignore sunlight (11

rounds), gate in a beam of sunlight.

  • For those without access to Earth, Air, Fire, and Water

accessory, substitute the fire sphere.

Sol Hokat is an old man, long driven crazy by his

devotions to the sun lords. Living at the top of the plateau (his

shrine), he often stares down angrily upon the villagers

(“Heretics, all of them!”).

Being a sun priest, he believes that living in the shade

is blasphemy. He is constantly scheming how to give the

villagers more sun exposure, so they can receive its “blessings”

(“I’ll blow up the mountain someday!”). The village regularly

sends sentries to the top of the plateau to watch the horizons for

approaching danger. These unfortunate soldiers are forced to

listen to endless hours of sermons. Villagers see Sol Hokat as

harmless. Ultimately though, they may be wrong.