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Agis of Asticles was The Tyrian senator and master of the Way joined the rebellion against Sorcerer-King Kalak and became an influential voice in the politics of Free Tyr. Agis went on a quest to find the elusive Dark Lens, a magical item capable of destroying Borys, the Dragon. He died after completing his quest. 


Born to educated, supportive parents, Agis lived an idyllic life with his older sister Tierney on the Asticles' faro plantation. Agis father was an ascendant senator, and his mother oversaw the day-to-day operation of the estate. Agis was curious as a child, and this lead to many adventures with his boyhood friend, Tithian. As with many noble families, their families enrolled the two of them in the school of the Way of the Unseen. Tithian left to pursue life as a Templar while Agis continued to follow the Way.

His study and mastery of the psionic disciplines led Agis to many years of travel, searching for masters to quench his thirst for knowledge. One of these masters was Durwadala, the Thri-kreen Druid of the Lost Oasis, who taught Agis much of life and growth. It was her teaching that gave Agis his knowledge of agriculture. Agis returned to the Asticles estate following the death of his older sister.

Tierney had been murdered while he was away on his studies, but the identity of her killer was never discovered. He began implementing the agrarian knowledge he had learned from Durwadala. Now, years later, many produce merchants say that Agis lands are the most fertile in the Tyr valley. A senate moderate, Agis was alarmed with Kalak's obsession driving Tyr toward economic ruin. Agis brush with the Veiled Alliance led to a personal involvement with the slave, Sadira. Since then Agis has been working with the Veiled Alliance in secret to find a way to destroy Kalak and free the city of Tyr from his oppression.


The Lord of Asticles is a natural leader, independent, dynamic, and intelligent. He cares about the common people and displays loyalty and devotion to friends and employees alike. He handles himself well in all social situations. He possesses many unusual contacts including Tithian, Sadira, and Durwadala to name a few.

Tools and equipment[]

The Asticles´ Sword is a metal sword, a heirloom of the noble family