Abalach-Re was 5th Champion of Rajaat. She was called "Orc Plague". She was Sorcerer-Queen of Raam; Exterminated the orc race in 889 years. Formerly Uyness of Waverly.

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DM1 -- Black Flames (Module) Edit

Abalach-Re is on a quest to recover a scroll in the ruins of Yaramuke that will cleanse the Black Oasis. She does battle with another Dragon, Farcluun, and nearly kills him.

The Cerulean Storm. Edit

Abalach-Re along with the other Sorcerer-Kings and Borys plan their attack on Samarah and Tithian. As part of the plan she and her Raam legion attack the mul Rkard in an effort to capture Sa'ram and Jo'orsh, the Dwarven Knights who hid the Dark Lens.

Rkard and Sadira fought her and her legion in the desert. When Sa'ram and Jo'orsh appeared Rkard stabbed her with a piece of the Scourge of Rkard. Black ooze poured out of the broken blade spraying onto Sa'ram. The dwarven banshee was replaced with a figment of Rajaat before being killed. Sadira twisted the blade killing Abalach-Re.

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  • Obsidian Scepter - A scepter with a piece of obsidian in the pommel. Like many similar magic items it allows the user to drain energy from people and animal life instead of plants. Destroyed by Sadira with a well placed magic sun beam.

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The Cerulean Storm (September 1993), (ISBN 1-56076-642-5)

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Sam Witt (April 1993). DSM1: Black Flames. TSR, Inc. ISBN 1-56076-580-1.

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